90min single healing session

Priestess Breakthrough

Your single healing session to support you in one major blockage, fear + pattern that you currently experience in your life.


Let's get straight to it, my love:

In my single healing sessions support women like you, who crave deep and punctual healing to be able to create the life experience they desire.

In my healing sessions I create a safe space for you to bring forth your selected topic and we will move through my three step process of getting clarity on your desire, moving through the blockage and create tangible steps for integration + further embodiment.

I will open the session by tuning into where you're at and what you want to work on. Together we will define the desired outcome of our session and bigger desire + vision for your life. I will then guide you through ThetaHealing®, which is a very deep subconscious re-programming modality, as well as somatic healing practices. Depending on the topic, I will choose both of these tools or one of them. I will then offer you further practices + tools to support you on your journey and we will define tangible action steps for the future.

You will have one week of direct access to me after our session for integration.


Self-worth + self-expression

Self-trust and following your intuition


Sharing your authentic self

Money + success


Relationships, love + dating

one 90min deep dive session

Mentoring, somatic healing, subconscious healing/reprogramming + more

1 week of daily support

Have me by your side every day via Telegram (voice + text msg) whilst integrating our session.

Full Body YES to this? Work with me

How does it work?

You can book comfortably via the link below. After booking + payment you will receive a link to book your call. If you desire further information or want to talk to me to find out if this is for you, please send me an email or message on Instagram.

What's my investment

Your investment is CHF 397 paid in full, or 2 payments of CHF 199.


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