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Image by Jocelyn Morales
in-person immersions, workshops + retreats

In-person work is where my heart comes alive, and I believe there is almost nothing more potent than to gather in flesh, heart-by-heart, next to each other. I offer monthly Women's Healing Circles, quarterly Yoni Egg Initiations as well as nourishing Day Retreats and residential Retreats in Switzerland and Europe.

I am deeply committed to creating a safe space for everyone, so you can dive deep into your femininity and have a life-changing experience. My immersions are personally crafted, unique and transformative experiences that go deep and are usually held in a small group of women to make the experience even more personal and bespoke.

My immersions are for every woman feeling drawn to this work.

Please know in your heart, that I practice what I preach and truly hold a safe space of nourishing sisterhood – far outside of what looks cool, fashionable and sexy on Instagram. My spaces are for real women, desiring real deep healing and femininity work and ready to hold themselves responsible in a loving and sometimes challenging circle of other women.

You can find all current immersions in the event calendar below. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

  • Earth Goddess Ceremony
    So., 04. Juni
    An outdoor ceremony in the midst of the woods to connect to your primoridal feminine essence, root, ground and receive healing sitting in circle with other women.
  • Summer Solstice Ceremony at Yoga Scheune Meilen
    Fr., 23. Juni
    A nourishing and lush Summer Solstice Ceremony to tap into the energy of conclusion, wholeness and abundance for women in the precious outdoor shala Yoga Scheune in Meilen.
  • Feminine Depth Women's Retreat at Lindenbühl Trogen
    Fr., 30. Juni
    Feminine Depth is a 3-day retreat for women desiring to descend into their bodies, heart and feminine essence & depth. A transformational invitation to reclaim your feminine softness & devotion and release masculine overdrive, control, tension and pressure.
  • Wild Feminine Heart: 2-Day Women's Retreat at Yoga Scheune
    Sa., 15. Juli
    A two day retreat for the woman who wants to drop deep into her body, open and feel her heart and dip her toes into her juicy, sensual essence. A safe space to reclaim your feminine essence and wisdom, being held in the womb of the feminine and open wide.
    Mi., 19. Juli
    via Zoom
    A two day workshop for feminine business owners who feel stuck, frustrated and like nothing is truly working and flowing anymore to clear, cleanse and heal the relationship to their business and create a powerful new beginning.
  • Feminine Yoga – Sommer Schnupperkurs
    Mi., 31. Mai
    Yoga für Frauen – weiblich, sinnlich, zyklisch – als Sommer-Schnupperkurs an 5 Abenden im wundervollen Orbit Studio gleich beim Grossmünster
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