• Feminine Embodiment practice session ☽
    Mi., 08. Juni
    A 60 minute feminine energy practice session where you'll be guided through embodiment and tao-tantric rituals and practices to come back into your body, heart + feminine essence.
  • AWAKEN THE FEMININE | Half-day retreat at Yoga Scheune
    So., 12. Juni
    A half-day retreat to awaken your feminine essence in the lush surroundings of Yoga Scheune Meilen.
  • Sacred Circle: Healing the Sisterhood Wound
    Mi., 15. Juni
    A deep dive immersion into the sisterhood wound that offers you a portal to restore deep hurt and heal stinging wounding.
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
    So., 19. Juni
    The in-person Yoni Egg Initiation is held in a small group of max. 8 women in Zurich. For more information please see the event details.
  • Love & the Feminine | Day Retreat at Yoga Scheune
    So., 17. Juli
    A day retreat connecting feminine energy work + relationship/polarity topics, supported by the healing surroundings of Yoga Scheune Meilen.
    Date List on Sacred Circle site
    A portal to follow your deep calling for more ritual, more nature and more femininity + sacredness. Monthly in-person deep dive immersions into the feminine mysteries + teachings.
  • 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Private 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation, in person or online.