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in-person immersions, workshops + retreats

One of my deepest joys is guiding women in-person through live-changing experiences. Whether my quarterly Yoni Egg Initiations, Day Retreats or the Sacred Circle - come join me and other magical women for a deep dive into your femininity.

My in person events are suitable for any woman of any age, background and experience in connecting to her feminine energy. I am happy to welcome you if you've never done anything like this before.


I am deeply committed to creating a safe space for everyone, so you can dive deep into your femininity and have a life-changing experience.

You can find all current immersions in the event calendar below. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.


The Sacred Circle is the one and only way to take part in Stephanie's in-person workshops on a regular basis: The in-person sisterhood offers monthly deep dive immersions on different topics around the feminine, ritual + magic.


The Yoni Egg Initiation is the 4,5 hour long deep dive immersion for the woman who desires to tap into her sacred sexuality and sensuality, releasing guilt + shame, reclaim her feminine body through the Tao-Tantric practice of the Yoni Egg.


Day Retreats are here for you to have a full day where you get to dive deep into your feminine essence, nourish your system and restore deeply. Stephanie loves creating day retreats at magical places that hold a lot of healing energy.

  • Nourished: Women's Self Care Evening Immersion
    So., 09. Okt.
    in our sacred Zoom space
    A free community class packed with self-care rituals and practices that will nourish and enhance your feminine essence. Dim the lights down low and come home to yourself + your feminine essence under the Full Moon light.
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
    So., 16. Okt.
    The in-person Yoni Egg Initiation is held in a small group of max. 8 women in Zurich. For more information please see the event details.
  • Mastering the Void + Feminine Mystery Masterclass
    Mi., 19. Okt.
    in our sacred Zoom space
    A masterclass that will support you in dealing with the unknown, sitting in the threshold, not knowing where + how things will go. Step into a new dimension of your feminine energy embracing the mystery, mess + void.
  • Coaching Industry Ethics + Co Roundtable
    Fr., 21. Okt.
    via Zoom
    A free event for any person identifying with the coaching industry who is reflecting on ethics, how we can do better and where to go from where we're at right now.
  • Sacred Circle: Autumn Woman who run with the Wolves Journey at Türlersee | Release, rewild + let go
    So., 23. Okt.
    Affoltern District
    An afternoon of mysticism, wild woman energies and powerful release ritual combined with time for your soul nourishment
  • Sacred Circle: Samhain Ceremony
    Mo., 31. Okt.
    An evening to dive deep into the teachings of Samhain [Halloween] and the connection to the feminine. Expect a witchy night, with lots of magical energy.
  • Sacred Circle: Embracing Stillness + Preparing for Winter: Emma Kunz Cave Excursion
    Sa., 19. Nov.
    We are travelling to the Emma Kunz Cave located close to Zurich. We'll be able to spend 30minutes privately in the Emma Kunz Cave, where you'll be guided into deep inner trance, connection and experience the highly cosmic energy available in this space. 10 spots.
  • Sensual Embrace: Women's Sensuality Workshop
    So., 20. Nov.
    Sensual Embrace is a half-day women’s workshop and retreat space for every woman who feels disconnected from her body and sensuality and wants to re-connect with the sensual, feminine part of herself.
  • Sacred Circle: Winter Solstice + Rauhnächte End of the Year Closing
    Mi., 21. Dez.
    Winter Solstice and opening of the Rauhnächte Portal - it couldn't be more magical, mystical and spiritual. Join us for one of the most magical evenings of the night to tap into ritual to close the year of 2022 in a positive way.
  • Winter Solstice + End of the Year Ceremony
    Do., 22. Dez.
    via Zoom
    Winter Solstice and opening of the Rauhnächte Portal - it couldn't be more magical, mystical and spiritual. Join us for one of the most magical evenings of the night to tap into ritual to close the year of 2022 in a positive way.
  • Single 1:1 Mentoring + Healing Session
    choose your time slot
    via Zoom or in person in Zurich
    A single 1:1 mentoring session of 90minutes with Stephanie.
  • 1:1 Single Tarot Reading (45min)
    Choose your date after signing up
    Online via Zoom
    Get new impulses through a private Tarot reading session. We use tarot to dive into the subconscious, see patterns that need healing, challenges + chances.
  • SACRED CIRCLE | 3- and 5- Circle Passes
    September - December 2022
    A portal to follow your deep calling for more ritual, more nature and more femininity + sacredness. Monthly in-person deep dive immersions into the feminine mysteries + teachings.
  • 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Private 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation, in person or online.