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Bespoke Guidance & Mentorship for devoted feminine practitioners & space holders.

Stephanie is guiding and mentoring women who are working as feminine embodiment teachers, coaches and mentors and women on the path of deep feminine reclamation.

Her mentoring is here to give you heart-felt support as you navigate the nuanced waters of being a feminine embodiment professional, space holder, and a woman in her own life. We are looking at different ways on how to merge the two, deepening you into your feminine self every step along the way.

Stephanie is specialized in bridging the gap between work and moment-to-moment lived feminine embodiment.

Expect to receive support in difficult situations in your business, like setting boundaries with clients, stepping into deeper self-leadership – the feminine way –, as well as tending to your spiritual, physical and embodied womanhood, so you can live a life of deep fulfillment and feminine blueprint all along.


Aspects of exploration in our mentorship

  • following the path of your soul destiny: deepening into your soul purpose and soul business OR stepping into true feminine leadership in corporate

  • activating deeper layers of your inner wisdom and learn how to trust and move on it

  • living from the womb and your feminine essence and deepening into your feminine embodiment

  • authentically and truthfully live your purpose and personal truth without the fear of upsetting others

  • establishing more personal power and learning how to uphold it without dropping your energy and self when difficulty arrives

  • facing your resistances and shadows with love and integrating them so you can let the energy flow again

  • establishing deep self-trust and self-empowerment

  • living in communion to your feminine energy and letting it infuse your work without exploiting it or falling back into masculine over drive

  • cultivating a soft, open and heart-led leadership


and much more



4 Month Mentorship includes:

  • 4 Months of bespoke mentoring, guidance & support

  • 3 x 60min 1:1 Session per month
    with one week for integration (total of 12 60-minute sessions over the course of four months)

  • 2 days of text & voice message support per week
    via Telegram for further support

  • Support & feedback on your written (marketing) material for your business

  • Support, feedback & mentoring for your facilitation


CHF 4'500

Payment plans available.

Image by Laurice Manaligod


If you have never worked with Stephanie before you can book your free 15-minute connection call below.


If you feel the clear pull to this mentorship, fill in the application form below. Stephanie will get in touch within 72 hours. Applications are non-binding on both sides.

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