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Devoted is the One Year Women’s Practice & Study group for women who want to deepen into their feminine practice, essence and expression through brining more depth, nuance and exploration into their feminine practice. Explore & expand your edges and meet yourself in devotional, deep and nuanced feminine practice over the course of 12 deliciously led months & curated in-depth trainings.


23 March 2024 – February 2025 | Zurich, In-Person

24 September 2024 – August 2025 | Online

Enrolling now

2024 in-person group starting 23 March: last 2 spots – doors close 28. April

12 Month to deepen into your fullest expression and feminine flavor, meet yourself, fully.

Devoted – the one Year Women’s Study and Practice Group is Stephanie's offering for women who are ready, committed and yearning to deepen into their feminine essence, expression, and authenticity through transformational feminine practice.

This is not a course that will teach you this or that, where you are being taught that there is one right way, or where you are being pulled over a cookie-clutter-formula of the feminine. 


Devoted is opening up a space for your own exploration, giving you guidance, tools, teachings and practices with which you can explore yourself. You can go deeper with yourself. And tap into your very own unique feminine flavors, depth and aliveness.

This is a 12 month space for women with a regular feminine practice, looking for depth, accountability and regular practice with enough time for integration and whole-hearted connection.

The Practice & Study Group is for you, if you want to
  • explore and deepen into your bodily wisdom, the mystery of your heart and the vast wisdom of your feminine core

  • deepen into a more nuanced practice & connection with yourself, truly feeling, being and arriving within yourself

  • release and somatically heal masculine over-drive, push and pressure patterns

  • go from doing feminine practice to fully  living from your feminine core, cultivating a life of softness, openness, receptivity, fierce feminine power

  • deepen into your fullest most authentic expression and self, unravelling into the woman who is owning every facet of herself

  • cultivate more aliveness, joy, radiance and life-force energy in everyday life

  • learn to reveal the truth of your heart to create more intimacy in life, your soul business and relationships

  • tap into the different feminine flavors alive within you & feel, move & own them all

  • being deliciously laid back into your feminine essence, body & heart

  • trusting the nudges and clear calls of your inner wisdom and honoring your feminine oracle

  • letting your authentic expression flow & fully, unapologetically owning your truth

  • brining love, devotion and the power of your feminine expression and delight to every place you go

  • feeling boundlessly alive, open and radiant

  • experiencing live openly

  • being a guiding light in feminine liberation, leadership and the wild, untamed feminine essence

  • creating deeper intimacy, love and eros in your intimate relationship

  • leading through love

Tao-Tantra | Feminine Embodiment | Sacred Feminine Arts | Nuanced practice 
Living from the feminine core, authentic feminine embodiment, owning your voice, offering your feminine expression, cultivating life-force energy, living from the womb, clarity of feminine alignment, love, polarity, eros & much more
2024 programm.png

2024 Women's Study Year starts on 23 March 2024. This is an in-person group.

Live-Immersion Dates

Saturday, 23 March, 10am (2 hours) – Opening

Wednesday, 17 April, 8pm (90minutes)

Sunday, 28 April, 3pm (2 hours)

Wednesday, 22 May, 8pm (90 minutes) – Q&A

Sunday, 26 May, date tbc *

Sunday, 23 June, 3pm (2 hours)

– dates of 2nd half of the year are communicated in May

Enrollment is open and possible until 28 April – must be able to join on the 28th for the session. After this, the doors are closed.


Our home base for our one year journey is the beautiful Studio at Kreuzplatz in Zurich. Please note though, that not all immersions can take place there, as this is a very requested studio.

12 Live Practice Sessions
12 Group Mentoring Sessions
Get supported, held and witnessed in your process and receive 1:1 feedback from Stephanie in our monthly online Q&A Sessions which also feature extra space for practice.
Recorded Practices
Integrate our in-person work with pre-recorded practices and a growing library of tools, rituals & recordings.

CHF 1'500 for the full year program

Devoted is a space of self-responsibility: You sign up for the full year and ideally join all the sessions, yet how many you join and how deep you take your practice, is your own responsibility. If you miss a session, there is no problem, as they are not building on each other, but are each by themselves opportunities to deepen into your practice. There are no refunds based on missed sessions and the whole year can only be booked as one.


Process: If you feel the call, apply via link below. This application process ensures us to bring together the best & most suitable group. If you haven't worked with me before, schedule a free clarity call here.

About your Facilitator

My name is Stephanie and I'm a Teacher, Mentor and Healer of the Sacred Feminine Arts & Feminine Embodiment, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

My heart has always belonged to the body. To moving, feeling and breathing. There is nothing more powerful to me, than getting on all fours, starting to move my spine and getting lost in the currents, waves and flavors of myself.

Ever since I started guiding women deeper into their feminine essence, feminine practice and embodiment have been the core of my work, the heartbeat I keep coming back to, over and over.

I truly live in the body, I breathe through the body and I create through the body. I wholeheartedly believe that feminine liberations comes through women remembering the power that unfolds, the remembrance that kicks in, when simply coming back into their own body. Inhabiting them again. Moving them again. Receiving the wisdom of them again.

The feminine, in contrary to the masculine, is expressing herself through and from the body and heart. You can open and expand into your most authentic, liberated and alive self, in the proportion you are home in your body.

And this is what I want to guide you into in the next year.

The Women's Study Group is the core of Stephanie's work and contains her most current, in-depth and transformative teachings for feminine practitioners.

Experiences out of Stephanie's Teaching spaces

A deeper part of my womb work for this phase in my life began a few months ago, but our time together has given me such a beautiful sustainable way to integrate this practice into my daily life - and spiritual practices! This lesson is so important as a woman in her feminine core - to live in the flow of life as a devotee. This is now become further weaved into my life, my Sadhana and my work. Thank you so much for this 3 weeks of immersive experience! I’ve become a devote of the divine feminine now – yet she permeates through every part of me! ❤️

Shangkari, Sacred Feminine Mentor | Feminine Heart Mini Series

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