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So., 17. Juli



Love & the Feminine | Day Retreat at Yoga Scheune

A day retreat connecting feminine energy work + relationship/polarity topics, supported by the healing surroundings of Yoga Scheune Meilen.

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Love & the Feminine | Day Retreat at Yoga Scheune
Love & the Feminine | Day Retreat at Yoga Scheune

Place & time

17. Juli 2022, 10:00 – 17:00 MESZ

Meilen, Burgrain 37, 8706 Meilen, Switzerland

About the workshop

The feminine is the source of love

When her connection to her heart is wide open

She emenates love

She creates love

She magnetises,



So many modern women struggle with love and receiving. Maybe you are one of them.

You might ask yourself what you’re doing wrong, why no one is coming into your life, why you’re lonely or keeping on attracting the wrong men..

Or you struggle feeling safe and relaxed in love, being afraid to loose what you cherish so much in a instant, your co-dependency and abandonment wound flaring up

Maybe you also just wish to go deeper, create more intimacy, polarity + passione while being the feminine embodiment of love – but how!?

Love & the Feminine - Day Retreat at Yoga Scheune

I couldn't be more excited to invite you to this very special day retreat at Yoga Scheune: Finally I am combining my two favorite topics: Love, relationships + polarity and feminine embodiment. What you'll experience is a blend of feminine embodiment, energetics, self-inquiry - as my usual retreats and workshops have been - and teachings on love, relationships + polarity.

LOVE & THE FEMININE is the Day Retreat where I will guide you into deep embodiment of love through getting in touch with your feminine essence + heart, so you can become a magnet for what you desire. We’ll dive deep in embodiment + tao-tantric practices as well as energetic work before you’ll learn more about polarity, relationships + dating.

This day retreat is for the woman who:

  • craves to feel love more deeply within herself first and become a radiant expression of love herself
  • is ready to leave behind old conditionings, trauma and pain to open up to new + more love
  • is yearning to finally fall in love, call in her conscious partnership OR upgrade and deepen her current one
  • wants to understand the connection between her feminine essence + the amount of love she lets into her life
  • wants to feel safe truly opening to love + deeper intimacy
  • yearns to be more vulnerable
  • is f'ing ready to leave co-dependency, neediness + fear of abandonment in the past
  • wants to learn more about the masculine, his needs and processes
  • desires to dive deeper into polarity teachings and learn how to integrate them into her daily life
  • wants to be the woman who brings love to the table, always

You might be challenged by:

  • feeling closed off and dis-connected from your heart and the energy of love
  • having a constant yearning + longing for more love, passion + depth that is not satisfied
  • being unhappy with your current relationship status (single or just not fully there in your current relationship)
  • actually allowing love, vulnerabilty + intimacy
  • slipping off into neediness, victim + lack energy and co-dependency
  • not knowing how to create more depth + polarity


We’ll use the morning to go deep into your feminine selfe + essence. Expect to remember the power of your femininity and re-establish a deep connection with your heart. Stephanie will guide you through a powerful release ritual so you can close the door for good to old pain, patterns and fears. You will get insight into powerful internal work, that you can continue doing after our day. The afternoon will be all about relationship dynamics, masculine/feminine teachings + polarity. You’ll learn the “theory” that we then turn into practice. Expect partner work, deeper embodiment + rituals.

How our day could look like

  • Intention setting + tuning in
  • Opening the Feminine Heart: Re-connect to your feminine essence and heart, learn to feel your emotions again and unlock deeper layers of the magic + mysery of your heart
  • Heart Opening Ritual: Tao-tantric breastmassage, energetic opening + breathwork
  • Powerful self-inquiry to get clear where you’re at
  • Release ritual
  • Lunch break
  • Theory of Polarity, Feminine + Masculine in Relationship
  • Embodiment + partner practices

This retreat is for every woman, no matter if single or coupled.


Book your ticket via the form below. If you want to pay via Twint, simply use "manual payment" and you'll find all the information you need. Please note that there are NO refunds if you have to cancel the your attendance. If you notify me 48 hours before the event, you will get the chance to join a different event or get access to an online offering (note that these are not the exact same as this event).

Early Woman Ticket Price: CHF 222.- for a full day immersion including lunch, unlimited tea &  infused water, healthy snacks, yoga props and a beautiful circle of loving sisters - until 22.5.2022

Regular Ticket Price: CHF 257.- for a full day immersion including lunch, unlimited tea &  infused water, healthy snacks, yoga props and a beautiful circle of loving sisters.


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  • Sacred Sister Ticket (2x) EB

    Early bird sacred sister ticket which allows two women to join with this one ticket.

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