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Are you ready to radically live from your body, heart and feminine essence?

The Embodied Woman is the woman who is deeply rooted in her feminine essence, living from the wisdom of her body, womb and heart, unafraid to speak her truth and be herself.

Deeply rooted in her body, sensual self and heart-led womanhood, living as the woman she is, far away from masculine over-performance, pushing and pulling.

In our Dayretreat at Yoga Scheune Meilen, you are going to meet her, evoke her and deepen into her – the perfect opportunity for women new to feminine embodiment who desire an intensive day to dive deep, or more advanced practicioners who need a powerful and potent refresher.

saturday, 15 july | yoga scheune meilen

Embodied Woman Day Retreat


The Embodied Woman Day Retreat is a full day non-residential retreat held at the lush outdoor location of Yoga Scheune in Meilen for the woman who yearns to radically come back into her body, heart, feminine essence and truth. You are ready to start living from your feminine essence, make peace with your body and embrace your femininity & sensuality.

The Embodied Woman Dayretreat is a transformational invitation to close the doors to old ways of being, keeping yourself small and not trusting yourself & your intuition. A day that will truly change your life in how you embrace your feminininty, womanhood and move as a woman through this world.

Done hiding who you truly are, solely living from the mind and being caught up in masculine overdrive, you are ready to open your heart wide, reside in the wisdom of your body, fully accept and love your feminine curves and sensuality and tap into your inherent & innate feminine wisdom.

This day is for the women done pushing, hustling and doing, ready to relax back into their natural essence, surrender and receive.

Expect to be challenged, and therewith guided into your embodied, sensual, feminine power.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

We are spending one full day in the most nourishing, beautiful and luscious surroundings of Yoga Scheune in Meilen – a wooden half-open Yoga Shala in the midst of the Meilemer Tobel, surrounded by trees, a wonderful creek and many of nature's souls.

Everything is possible, nothing is expected for you.

This one day retreat offers the opportunity for you to deep dive into your femininity, feminine energy and wisdom. A feminine embodiment intensive that has changed many women's lives, and initiated them into a totally new way of being & living.

Perfect for women new to feminine embodiment and yearning for a change, and for the one's who know basic feminine practice but often get pulled out of it.

A safe space to be witnessed, fully seen, held and cherished as the woman you are.

Program | 10.00 - 18.30

Feminine Morning Practice


Feminine Embodiment, Sensual dance & movement

Womb-Connection & Feminine descent practices to drop and relax even deeper into your body


Tapping into your wild feminine heart & releasing shields of tension through breathwork, massage, movement and meditation

nourishing lunch


Throat Chakra activation


Tantric Sisterhood Rituals & Shadowwork

Honoring the Goddess Ceremony to honor each and every woman in the circle, with shadow & light


Closing circle

Our whole day includes intuitive and safe space-holding by Stephanie. Each woman will get individual attention and support during the process.


Embodied Woman is for the woman who...

you are done

  • living from your mind, cut off from the wisdom of your heart and body

  • keeping your heart closed and shut off, in fear of being hurt

  • constantly dis-embodying, running away from your bodily wisdom

  • living from masculine overdrive, only logic, pushing and striving

  • living for your to do list and constantly, do, provide and over-give

  • biting your tongue and hiding your truth

  • being disconnected from your feminine essence

you are so ready to
  • radically come back into your body, womb and feminine essence

  • crack open your heart to feel again and receive intuitive guidance, love & abundance through your open heart

  • de-block your throat so you can finally speak your truth, show up as the woman you are and embrace all of who you came here to be

  • stop hiding your sensual self, eros and feminine sensuality, exploring and living from it in your authentic expression

  • lead your live from your innate feminine wisdom and the connection of your body, womb and heart

  • radically turn up your magnetism, radiance, bliss & joy

  • know how to nourish yourself as a woman & feminine essence being

  • be deeply rooted and grounded within yourself


One full day in the most nourishing, beautiful and luscious surroundings of Yoga Scheune in Meilen, feminine embodiment & reclamation intensive with like-minded women, good vegetarian food and lots of nourishment.

1 day non-residential retreat

CHF 257.-

Sisterhood Ticket for Two: CHF 485.-

Supported Ticket for women with an income below CHF 3'500: CHF 197.-

Early bird until 30.6.: CHF 220.-

Includes full day of classes, nourishing vegetarian or vegan lunch, unlimited tap water, tea + snacks.


Please note that this is a non-residential retreat, there is no accomodation included. If you are travelling from outside Switzerland and need an accomodation, please let us know, we are happy to share our suggestions. Please inform us about any food allergies early on, last minute requests cannot be catered to.

Maximum 13 women

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