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Practitioner Support

Support & healing sessions for coaches, healers, yoga teachers and other practitioners of spiritual & healing arts.

Being a practitioner and following your soul calling is one of the most beautiful things on earth. And it also has it's shadow sides: difficult clients, struggles with putting yourself first, limiting beliefs around money, worthiness and your abilities can come in between the fulfillment of your soul destiny that you so deeply crave.

Healers need to be held as well is the foundation of these Practitioner Support sessions Stephanie is offering.

These sessions are 50-75 minutes and support you in the area where you need to be held, seen, witnessed and receive support in moving through blockages and healing.

Usual topics clients come to Stephanie for are:

  • struggling to put yourself out there with your soul's work and fear of being seen

  • questioning your worthiness and the power of your work

  • limiting beliefs around having to hustle hard, over-working and burning out

  • struggles with setting boundaries and honoring yourself within your work

  • not having a good income that can support you, struggling with limiting beliefs around money

  • needing guidance and support on a specific situation (with a client)

  • needing to be held and seen in your own process

Each session is a fusion of ThetaHealing®, intuitive healing, Somatics and mentorship.

Sessions can be booked on one-off basis for immediate support or in 3-session packages.

Space holders need to be held, seen, witnessed and supported too. You give so much. You deserve to receive as well.

This is why I've created these Practitioner Support sessions. An affordable, supportive space for you that can change everything.

Hi love, my name is Stephanie

I am a feminine embodiment mentor, teacher and practitioner trainer based in Switzerland. Since 5 years I am supporting women in reclaiming their feminine essence and remember the innate wisdom, power and truth of being a woman.

I know I wouldn't have made it here without my own teachers, mentors and guides. Healing my inner world, releasing limiting beliefs but also being witnessed, held and seen through the hardships of being self employed – no money in the bank, client triggering the shit out of me, not knowing how to speak my truth, I've been there, trust me – has been the number one priority and foundation of the success of my business.

What women say who have worked with me

My 1:1 Thetha Healing Session with Stephanie was truly beautiful. It felt like a rite of passage towards my next growth portal. She held such a calm & safe space for me, which made it possible for me to fully surrender to the healing and to be completely raw & honest with what was holding me back. I felt so welcome, seen & held during our session. Being a very spiritually connected woman myself, I could physically feel things shift within my body during our session - and once we completed our calm I was left with a feeling of being safe in my own skin, calm & connected to both my self and to source. I cannot recommend it enough. I for sure will be back! 


- Laura Loop, Power Coach & Business Clairvoyant 

I just really love working with you Stephanie, as you ask the right questions, freely share your confronting thoughts, but at the same time always give me the feeling of being held and loved just the way I am. My biggest breakthrough is truly learning to be more, embracing my feminine essence fully and activating my high Priestess again. Since working with Stephanie, I’m way more creative, am able to be more and heal aspects that blocked me from fully stepping into my power.

- Delia, Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment Teacher

The Theta Healing session with Stephanie went very deep and cleared a fundamental topic related to money for me. Through Stephanie's powerful questions and intuition, we got to the root of the issue very quickly and were able to release very old beliefs. I felt a new deep confidence about my topic afterwards and found penny pieces everywhere as a sign of abundance as a reaffirmation. Stephanie held the space for me very safely and mindfully so that I could let go and receive powerful new views and images. I felt so relieved and a deep shift afterwards. I wholeheartedly recommend a Theta Healing session with Stephanie to any woman.

- Meike Cremer, Women's Self-Love & Soul Business Coach

Ready to book & receive support?


Single Session 50-75 Minutes
CHF 150

3 Session Bundle
CHF 435

valid until June 2024


Introductory Offer

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