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Autumn, the time of radical change, ruttling challenge and deep healing is upon us.

A time of reflection, mysticsm and change. The threshold moment, where you can feel oh-so-deeply that the old is just no longer working for you. Yet you haven't set foot yet into the new. And you are scared. Or unsure. Or secretly excited but now knowing the how.

You are ready to change it.

All year you've been working on your personal processes, themes and topics. And you know: It's time to bring it to closure. It's time to finally let go of the old, close that chapter, or even book, complete a cycle – and finally move on, take the steps that you felt have been in the making for such a long time. No more time to talk, heal it through another time, but to move forward with grace and conviction.​

There is an inner urge to move on, cleanse, let go, shed, to finally be the woman you are meant to be.

And to pass the last and final threshold, you need support right next to you.


The Threshold – Autumn Special Intensive

The Threshold is a 3 week intensive mentoring & healing space to unearth the old, heal the past and pass the threshold into who you are supposed to be. Our 3 sessions are divided into past, present and future, looking at what needs healing and resolution in the past, tuning into limiting beliefs and releasing them through the powerful tool of ThetaHealing® and equipping you with the tools you need to take your very personal and authentic steps forward.

This space is suitable to work on:

  • a pattern that keeps on repeating itself (e.g. dating, relationship problems, lack of boundaries, struggling with letting go & leaning back)

  • a limiting belief that keeps you stuck

  • a specific past experience that needs healing and resultion

  • a powerful catharsis of the old to really step into your vision

  • if you are unsure, get in touch with me first

Please note that the emphasis on this space is healing and doing deep inner work on one specific topic. If you desire to generally deepen into your feminine and lack connection to body, emotions and femininity, the 5 Week Intensive is more suitable for you.


only in October

3 spots

  • 3 weeks of intensive healing & mentoring on your focus theme

  • 3 x 75min 1:1 Session
    these can be classical Mentoring Sessions (which are a blend of Mentoring, Somatic Healing & ThetaHealing®) or ThetaHealing® sessions where we focus on limiting beliefs

  • Curated integrative work after each session

  • Optional: add 5 full days of voice- and text message support for CHF 200

Investment: CHF 650

+ Message Support: CHF 850

We happily provide payments plans upon request

Start time options: 9 October / 16 October / 23 October / 6 November

What other women worked through

The Theta Healing session with Stephanie went very deep and cleared a fundamental topic related to money for me. Through Stephanie's powerful questions and intuition, we got to the root of the issue very quickly and were able to release very old beliefs. I felt a new deep confidence about my topic afterwards and found penny pieces everywhere as a sign of abundance as a reaffirmation. Stephanie held the space for me very safely and mindfully so that I could let go and receive powerful new views and images. I felt so relieved and a deep shift afterwards. I wholeheartedly recommend a Theta Healing session with Stephanie to any woman.

Meike, Women's Mentor

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