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I’m Stephanie.


Transformative mentor + coach for women who are ready to expand beyond their wildest dreams.


The standards I hold for myself, I hold for you too:


Feminine freedom, sensual liberation & prosperous purpose


I am here to show you that there is a different way, that you get to grow through your shadows and that actually anything is possible


My work is devoted to the feminine, unconditional love and fierce truth. I am here for what has not been here before, and to call you into a reality that your logical mind says “this can’t be”


I am here for the women who are ready to lead themselves, create massive magic and set the world on fire.


free support


You are ready to dive deeper into your femininity and bring it into every aspect of your life?

Single sessions are great for you if you want to get to know me and see if you like my methology as well as crave to get support on a specific topic. You receive 60minutes of transformative mentoring, session notes + homework as well as one week of voicemessage support with Stephanie. Topics range from femininity, sensuality, sexual healing, business, purpose, healing to love & dating.