The reason why I fell in love with Feminine Embodiment is simple: Because it is who I am. It’s where I learned again to be my most authentic self, to show up as my authentic self, to explore who I was behind masks and conditionings.


I didnt have to follow a certain asana concept, alignment, my movement didn’t have to be insync or even beautiful.


No, Feminine Embodiment is raw, it’s wild, it’s messy, it’s breathtakingly and earth shatteringly beautiful.


Just as you are, when you are yourself.

When you dare to be yourself.


How crazy is it that most of us are sooo damn afraid of being our true selves? Of meeting ourselves: raw, naked, real, nothing to hide.


What I searched in masculine concepts like yoga and meditation I found in embodiment. Feminine embodiment. Movement, breath, sound.


Letting the juices of the goddess between my thighs move me, shake me, open me.

Soil, serpentine, dark moon.

Thunderstorms evoking from my throat,

ready to be my ugliest self.

No rules.


Movements leading to arousal,

breath leading to opening of the heart,

voice helping release all masks,

anything I put upon myself,

because I believed that if I did so,

I would be loved.



And so I ripped all my masks down,

became fully embodied,

and fell in love with myself.


When we dare to get to know all our facets, to let them come to the surface –

we become authentic

we become madly in love with ourselves.


It’s a decision as much as it is a practice. Daily.

No magic pills, baby!

«Feminine Embodiment is about letting go of the good girl, the curated woman, the perfect, tidy and pretty. It’s a place where we can unleash the wild, authentic woman within. The wild woman resides in each one of us and is far away from the self-development trap of “finally being good/feminine enough”. The wild woman is the woman embodying her true nature and life purpose – unapologetically herself»

All the work I do is rooted in Feminine Embodiment. I want you to live your life fully rooted in your feminine essence, following your purpose, opening up to all that is possible.


With Feminine Embodiment we can claim the innate wisdom residing in our bodies. Embodiment is all about embodying your truest self, your very own expression of femininity and bringing it out into the world. It’s about re-connecting to the powerful fire you have sitting deep in your hips, yoni and womb space. Basically, it’s about being yourself. And you can’t be your true self if you spend the majority of the day in your head instead of in your body.

Embodiment combines non-linear movement, breath and voice. We connect and invite in to our feminine energy, which in most of our other spiritual practices, e.g. meditation, yoga, is not included. Most of what we do, was invited by men. Feminine self-care is totally different.

Embodiment is a safe space to feel it all, be it all. You meet your light and your darkness there and you start to love it. You connect back to your body which is KEY to your femininity.


Feminine Embodiment Mentorship is currently closed - new intake season starts spring 2020

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