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Welcome to Feminine Depth

Feminine Depth is a 3-day retreat for women desiring to descend into their bodies, heart and feminine essence & depth. A transformational invitation into your feminine softness, radiance and aliveness, far away from masculine over-drive and control.


Imagine this..


♥︎ radically descending into your body, heart and womb, feeling alive and radiant from within

♥︎ sinking back into your feminine essence and it's deliciousness

♥︎ letting go of spiraling thoughts, stories and staying caught up in your mind

♥︎ letting go of pushing, forcing, controlling & pressure

♥︎ being tapped into your feminine wisdom, aliveness and radiance

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Feminine Depth is a powerful invitation and journey of reclamation back to your true nature as a woman, your feminine softness, wisdom and power. A descent down, from the head into the body, heart and womb, from tension, control, mind-fuck and pressure to softness, openness and sweet surrender.

This is a radical descent and healing journey out of the mind, and into the body. Letting go the control you think you have while staying in your mind, and actually participating in life again. Opening up to a world of eros, radiance and alivness, coming back to your feminine power, potency and life-force.


You will be gently guided to truly inhabit your body again, be here, right now. This process will open you up to deeper relaxation, sensation and eros, as well as open up a powerful world of easeful creation for you. You will be guided through nourishing rituals, juicy embodiment sequences and explore your feminine spectrum. Opening up a completely different world for you, these three days are a powerful initiation and portal into living life from your feminine essence, your deep inner truth, knowing and wisdom.

Our venue – Retreatcenter Lindenbühl in Trogen, seated within lush hills in the breathtaking nature of Central Switzerland

Single or Double Rooms, full board with daily brunches and vegetarian 3-course dinner

16.-18. February | Lindenbühl Trogen



Single Room: CHF 897

Early bird until 31.11. – CHF 810


Double Room: CHF 847

Early bird until 31.11. – CHF 750

Sisterhood Price: CHF 1'450

two best friends

All prices valid through 2023. Possible price adjustments for 2024 and registrations made after 31.12.23.


  • 3 days & 2 nights at Lindenbühl Trogen

  • Stay in your single or double room

  • Vegetarian full-board (tea and fruits, rich brunch, 3-course dinner, water & tea all day)

  • All workshops, immersions, ceremonies and practice sessions

  • Individual attention during the retreat


Not included: Your travel expenses as well as travel insurance.

This retreat takes place in German or English, depending on the participants.

This retreat is for you, if you

  • often feel stuck in your mind, held back in constant thought loops and yearn to finally get back into your body

  • want to learn how to drop deep into your womb space and receive it's wisdom

  • feel like you function mostly on masculine-overdrive, resulting in you feeling dried out & uninspired

  • want to radically descend back into your body, heart, womb and feminine essence

  • struggle with topics of control, tension and pressure – no matter if with yourself, in your relationship, work or conceiving journey

  • want to go way deeper in your feminine embodiment than ever before, live & create from her

  • feel a deep yearning to be held and want to surrender in the juicy arms of the masculine

  • desire to feel wildly alive, radiant and vibrant

Tell me about your desires..

  • inhabiting your body fully, having a relaxed nervous system and move in a loving, deep relationship with your womb and femininity

  • dropping down from the head into the womb with ease

  • being able to feel the whispers of your body, heart and womb and follow your intuition with ease

  • landing in a place of deep trust and the delicious feeling of being held

  • feeling deeply connected to yourself and moving through life in a way that truly nourishes, supports and turns-on your feminine soul

  • descend even deeper into your feminine essence, depth and expression

  • loving your open heart and being able to tap into the mystery and gift of your wide open heart (whilst being able to hold yourself through the motions)

  • being soft, wet and open

What you can expect this retreat to do for you

  • being able to radically descent into your body – saying good bye to heady shit, overthinking and mind-games

  • a deepened relationship with yourself and understanding what is truly serving you as a woman and feminine essence being

  • being able to relax way more, sink into your being and knowning that you are worthy as you are

  • being able to tune into the gift + wisdom of your womb & heart on a deeper level

  • using your womb as an oracle of clarity, intuition & guidance

  • establishing a deep feeling of being held, safe and of life being for you – without you needing to control or manipulate

  • being able to create + work from a space of being, supporting your natural design, health and psyche, rather than push

  • letting go of tension, pressure and control-freak tendencies

16-18. February 2024

Image by Edward Howell

Hi, beautiful!

My name is Stephanie and I'm a Women's Mentor, Healer and Embodiment Teacher - and the spaceholder of this retreat.

My own journey of struggling tremendously with romantic relationships lead me to re-discovering my feminine energy, essence and nature. And I haven't stopped since. Deepening every day into my purpose, man and feminine essence.

I am delighted and so excited to be guiding you. Here for any questions on your heart. Know that this is a safe space for your body, heart and feminine soul.

Join us for three days of softening into your body, melting into your  heart and descending into your feminine essence.


Cancellation & refunds policy

- up to 6 months before retreat deposit of Fr. 350.-

- up to 4 months before retreat 50% of total amount, min. CHF 350.-

- from 2 months before and up until the retreat 100 % of the total amount


With your registration and payment you agree to these cancellation conditions.

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