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Do., 09. Mai


via Zoom

Death Priestess – a 4 week feminine mystic & embodiment journey

A four week embodiment journey through the threshold of transformation into your wildly liberated feminine self.

Death Priestess – a 4 week feminine mystic & embodiment journey
Death Priestess – a 4 week feminine mystic & embodiment journey

Place & time

09. Mai 2024, 18:00 MESZ – 06. Juni 2024, 19:30 MESZ

via Zoom

About the workshop

DEATH PRIESTESS – a four week immersion into the power of liberation, release and living from your feminine mystic soul

The portalway to your next feminine evolution

Liberated & Devoted · Embodiment Series

Start: Thursday 9 May, 6pm CEST

Are you ready to let things die?

Have you been in a phase of transformation for a while but feel like you never really hit the ground?

Are you afraid to go to point zero but feel the intense plugging of your soul to finally do it?

Are you the woman yearning for liberation, openness and soul guidance – and know, that the portal to it is radical death?

Has lady death been calling you, fascinating you, and pulling you in and you need a safe space to meet her?

Welcome to Death Priestess: the four week embodiment journey that will lead you through the valley of death and into the lands of liberation through powerful practices & rituals of the sacred feminine arts and feminine embodiment.

The feminine – she is not just soft, glittery, light and liberated. She is also dense, deep, dark and living in the underbelly of the world. She is murky, radical and roaring. She is wide open aliveness, as much she is deep dark death. She is both of them and equally beautiful in them all.

And she is calling you.

You have heard the whispers of lady death, madre muerte.. the singing, the soft whispering, the calling you deeply.

And you've been resisting.

You feel called. But you are afraid.

To give yourself, fully, to death. Is the crowning of the feminine experience. 

It's the liberation.

It's the end point.

From which more beauty arises.

Are you ready for this journey?

Death Priestess is the opening of a portalway, a door, a lock long kept hidden – into your inner world and works. Into the truth of your feminine experience:

  • ready to let the old die?
  • craving to let go what is weighting you down?
  • hungry to receive the new?
  • claiming to be liberated?

This is for you.

This 4 week leading you into the portal of death, holding you safely as you explore what is true and what is not, face your challenges, emotions, feelings, long kept hidden. It is the space where you are finally giving yourself to point zero. No strings attached. No more holding back. Giving yourself to the deep dark void. Letting yourself be nothing, so you can be something again.

This space is a space of deep feminine mysticism, of the realms untouched and unspoken about, because we must feel them through the body. You are being guided through 4 powerful embodiment rituals & practices, focusing on the felt experience, not on the limitations of the mind. Our goal is not to be something again, to rebirth, to put together all the pieces and come out perfectly curated – feminine magic doesn't work linear.

The goal of our time together is for you to:

  • feel comfortable in the void
  • feel safe also when nothing is (clear)
  • give yourself fully to the death/transformation process you are in and give your YES to transformation
  • receive true inputs of what is actually true & let the process unfold
  • be okay with not being okay
  • find beauty and expansion in the dark
  • open up to new realms of feminine experience, embodiment & mysticism

This journey has the ability to bring you into the next level of your feminine evoluation. Because we can practice aliveness as much as we want, if we constantly shy away from real and true death, we cannot fully dive into the feminine experience.

You are:

  • in a phase of radical transformation trying to figure out your next steps and feeling hopelessly lost
  • struggling with trying to find the answers with your mind & rushing the process
  • really called to work with the energy of death and release
  • ready to reach a new level of liberation on your feminine journey

Come out of this one month portal:

  • deeply in touch with who you are, from a felt experience
  • being able to sit in the void and letting the information come to you
  • feeling powerful & deeper embodied in your feminine essence as ever before
  • being able to handle the dark, murky and not collapse in the process but fully open to it
  • receive and follow your hearts truth fully

These online embodiment spaces are here for self-leading, self-responsible women who know how to hold themselves. Embodiment can bring up a lot of emotions, so if you are currently in a psychological crisis or know, that you are unable to hold yourself safely, this space is not suitable for you. This space is open for women new to embodiment, as well as seasoned practitioners who want to go deeper exploring different flavors.


  • Weekly 60 Minute Pratice Sessions via Zoom + 30-45 min Community Session for Support
  • Recordings of each Session provided
  • Telegram Space for support during the integration

We invite every woman to be present live, yet this is not pre-requisite. We all join with the camera on, during practice you can decide if you want to keep the camera on or off, even though being able to be seen and witnessed and receive support during practice is 


Opening Call & Intention Setting with the Full Moon: Thursday, 9 May, 5pm CEST

Session 1:  Tuesday, 14 May, 5pm CEST (Zurich time), 4pm BST, 11am EST, 8am PST

– Support: Thursday, 16 May, 5pm CEST

Session 2:  Tuesday, 21 May, 3pm CEST (Zurich time), 2pm BST, 9am EST, 6am PST

– Support: Thursday, 23 May, 5pm CEST

Session 3:  Tuesday, 28 May, 5pm CEST (Zurich time), 4pm BST, 11am EST, 8am PST

– Support: Thursday, 30 May, 5pm CEST

Session 4:  Tuesday, 4 June, 3pm CEST (Zurich time), 2pm BST, 9am EST, 6am PST

Closing Call: Thursday, 6 June , 5pm CEST


CHF 257

Early Bird & gift pricing until the start on 9 May: CHF 55

– reduced tuition for women with an income below CHF 3'500

🔥 Community Special: Join Death Priestess & Desire Empress – which will take place right after Death Priestess – for CHF 99. Only 8 spots available. Desire Empress is another 4 week embodiment journey that will invite you into your deepest desires and a perfect addition to Death Priestess.


If you sign up from Switzerland please select manual payment and use Twint. Thank you.

There are no refunds on this offering. Please make your investment from a grounded place.


  • Death Priestess Regular

    Sale ends: 06. Juni, 19:30 MESZ

    4 week online embodiment journey

    CHF 257.00


CHF 0.00


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