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a rustic barn
a circle of women
a ceremonial cacao
a deeply touching ritual & practice
a heart wide open
autumn equinox. heart-full.

Heart-full is a wholehearted invitation for any woman who yearns to feel the warmth of her heart, herself and her feminine essence. Receive bone-deep nourishment through re-connecting with your heart and re-discovering it's magic, mystery and abundance.

autumn equinox ceremony
sunday, 24th of september, 16.30 - 19.00
freudwil, zh

Whilst harvesting, receiving and being grateful is the theme of Autumn Equinox, and a topic you'll ready about in every corner, truly receiving your deepest desires – be it the love you crave, the freedom, the fulfillment, the prosperous purpose – might not be that easy for you.

Maybe you struggle with receiving, maybe you are better at (over-) giving, and maybe it makes you feel shit-scared to be vunerable, opening yourself up to possibly receive.

At this Autumn Equinox Ceremony, this is about to change: I believe the capacity of a woman to receive, has a lot to do with her ability to tune into her heart, open her heart, be vulnerable and hold herself through whatever emotions that arrive. If we cannot feel fully, we cannot receive fully, and most importantly, feel the joy, fulfillment and gratitude truly, and fully – heart-full.

Women at the night ceremony. Ceremony space..jpg
Arrival + welcome





archetypal wisdom & poetry


cacao by naked chocolate

Naked Chocolate is the brand of my dear friend Aleks Nikolic, who creates organic ceremonial-grade cacao blends hand-crafted in Zurich. Each blend is completely unique, powerful and nourishing.

Each woman will receive 1 cup of rich cacao, a blend selected especially for our transformational evening. If you desire to make your own cacao at home, you can pre-order it and pick it up at our event. Use this link and order until Thursday, 21. September 2023.

This Autumn Equinox Ceremony is for you, if you:

  • are struggling with receiving, tending to over-give and not truly allowing yourself to receive your desires

  • catch yourself reaching goal after goal after goal – without feeling anything; the desired feeling of joy and fulfillment is just not there

  • desire to open your heart and truly feel

  • yearn for bone-deep nourishment through being able to receive and feel it all – fully

  • want to feel heart-wide-open, fulfilled and exhilarated

  • need a safe space to be held, move past the old and harvest your successes of the year thus far

  • yearn for a place of feminine mysticism, energy & embodiment

Image by Levko Lyudochka
about our evening

This evening is an experimental journey into the depth of your heart, the ability to receive and the grounding and rooting that you are invited to create from your womb, in one of the most enchanting locations – a rustic, hidden barn out in the Zurich Oberland countryside – I've laid my eyes upon.

My intention is that you will have an opening experience into what it means to receive fully, how to receive with more ease, expressing your desires and truly feeling fulfillment in your heart. Not just ticking another thing off your wish list, but really basking in it.


🤎 We are opening the space with a powerful ritual and intention setting with a cup of rich ceremonial cacao prepared by Nake Chocolate, which will allow you to radically tune into your heart and sensuality, allowing the cacao to open your senses and gently unlock your heart. Cacao is a beautiful and gentle instrument to dive deeper into the heart, unlock hidden parts and open to receive.

🌹 Through gentle yet powerful practices you'll be guided deeper into your heart, releasing and dissolving walls in a safe environment. You'll learn how to feel (again) and gently journey into the depths of your heart. Allow yourself to feel the heavy, so you can feel the light, abundant and pleasurable. Experience somatically what it means to open your heart wide, feel and receive.


🪶 We are integrating the heart practices through self-inquiry, journaling and somatic practices to get into the body, connect to the womb and anchoring within yourself. Get clear where you struggle with receiving, why and how to move past it.


 🌬 Allow your heart to be enchanted even deeper, and feel how our ancestors have experienced and cultivated the power of circle: Lean into archetypal wisdom and poetry to dive deeper into the mystery of your heart, unlock hidden realms of it and truly connect to your feminine psyche and soul. From this space you'll be invited into silent self-inquiry and a beautiful Autumn Equinox ritual on the topic of receptivity, gratitude and harvest.


🖤 In a circle of dance, joy, laughter and sharing our stories and voices, we'll end the evening – like our ancestors did.


Our beautiful location is a rustic barn situated in a small, rural village, outside of Uster ZH. Please note that public transport is irregular, especially on weekends. We'll organize one group pick up at 16.15 in Gutenswil, the town next by.

join us

Regular Admission: CHF 125

Supported Admission: CHF 85*

*for women with an income below CHF 3'000

This event is part of the Sacred Circle. Join with your circle pass or get a circle pass to save money and join several events.

Limited capacity | Group of 12 women


Stephanie is a Women's Mentor, Feminine Energy Teacher & Healer

Stephanie has led countless Women's Circles and is holding a safe, gentle yet transformative space. She loves guiding women back into their bodies and hearts and let each of them experience her own feminine magic herself. She is a certified Women's Empowerment Coach, Hatha Yoga Teacher and ThetaHealer®.

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