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Feminine Heart

A 31-day group program to open your heart to deep self-love, sensual pleasure + the essence of your feminine heart. For the woman who wants to tap into her feminine essence, create unshakeable sovereignity, move through emotional blockages with ease and create a life of pleasure, abundance + feminine fulfillment.

Next live round June 2022

Open, Love

A 3 month love, polarity + relationship group immersion for the woman who yearns to experience true love and be held, led + cherished by a masculine partner while deeply embodying the feminine.

April - June 2022

Concrete Wall


The embodied woman masterclass

Learn Stephanie's signature embodiment practice to activate your wild feminine expression. A 120 minute digital video masterclass and feminine embodiment practice to reconnect you with your femininity, your heart, intuition and power, by being deeply rooted in your body.

la mujer oscura masterclass

A two-part online immersion for the woman who is ready to stop playing small, hiding her truth, people-pleasing and being afraid that she isn't good enough as she is. Disown patriarchal beliefs that keep you small in the first part, and go through a powerful invocational ceremony in the second. Embrace your dark, your sex, your voice - yourself!