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Are you the woman yearning for more love, depth & intimacy in your intimate relationship or dating life? 

We live in a world where women are hungry, longing, yearning, dying for deep connection with the masculine. Yet it seems almost impossible. No matter if single and dating or in a long-term relationship, most women are starved from real depth, intimacy and connection, yearning to finally be fully held, seen and witnessed by the masculine, be guided and led, be felt and taken.

I have been one of those women for a very long time. Going from chasing unavailable men – and sticking by their side for years, without them even choosing me – to fully fulfilled, loved up on and deeply in love with my divine masculine partner; I know how it feels to feel lost in love, looking for depth, and not finding it.

This journey has led me to explore, deepen and learn more about the never-ending pathway of true love, intimacy and polarity.

It wasn't until I fully understood polarity, the art of loving and what it takes to be a woman to be loved – as well as shit ton of healing, to be honest – that I was able to call in the love I've been yearning for me whole life. It took me 33 years of my life to arrive there.

I am more than honored to pass on what I believe are the keys to deep & lasting intimacy. No matter if you are dating right now, looking for a man of depth, or on a long-term relationship feeling like intimacy is no longer – or has never been – truly present.



A 3 hour workshop to create deep intimacy with the masculine through deepening into intimacy with yourself, learning to open to love and moving past your patterns of closure, rejection and fear of vulnerability.


  • is yearning for more depth, intimacy & connection in her relationship and doesn't know how to create it

  • is yearning for a partner to fully see her, hold her, and step into his masculine leading energy

  • is longing so much to be fully seen, yet can see how she herself is scared to fully show herself and be vulnerable

  • catches herself closing off her heart, rejecting love and wants to move past those patterns of closure

  • is ready to embody more love and create the relationship of her deepest desires

I left a toxic love relationship where I was put into a love triangle.

Thanks to your teachings dear Stephanie I was able to learn and actually to set strong boundaries, to lean back and to love and nurture myself. And I swear my life turned on 360 degrees. I left a toxic love relationship where I was put into a love triangle. I feel so grateful for your teachings and the energy that was created during the sessions. I feel blessed! Thank you so much for creating the Enchantress and helping women to step into their feminine power.

Svetoslava, participant of the 5-week dating & relationship course Enchantress




Cultivating deeper intimacy with yourself on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, so you can invite in and hold this kind of intimacy with a partner

Moving deeper into your heart and learning how to stay open, receptive and at the same time anchored in the truth of your heart

Evoking his deep presence through your deep embodiment and ability to be in your body, filled with your feminine essence

How to share the truth of your heart in a way that creates deeper intimacy, rather than pushes him away

The art of inviting the masculine in and creating polarity whilst staying in your power


  • Feeling deeply connected with yourself, your well of feminine power & pleasure, and your ability to create life-changing intimacy with your man / the masculine

  • With the ability to love from the mature woman instead of the little girl who is looking for confirmation, over-attachment and struggles to hold her own feelings

  • Being able to evoke his deep presence & guidance

  • Feeling open in your heart and being able to share the kind of vulnerability that creates more depth, love and intimacy, as well as support & hold from your man

  • With new communication skills that go far beyond words and are helpful in every situation of your life

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  • Sacred Feminine Arts & Embodiment practices to connect with your body and tap into the energy of love & opening

  • Partner Practices to practice being seen, held and revealing the truth of your heart

  • Heart Activations to connect to the energetic undercurrent of the intimacy you desire

  • Direct Feedback from Stephanie

  • Teachings on polarity, intimacy and all things relationships between men and women

  • A space to share and connect with like-minded women

In-person session is held in German or English.

Both sessions receive the recording from the online session to keep forever + 2 recorded practices as well as a workbook.

IN-PERSON: 18 AUGUST 2024, 13.30-17.00 at VVOO Studio Zurich

ONLINE: 23 AUGUST 2024, 17.00-20.30 (5-8.30PM) CEST online via Zoom


CHF 200


Group Mentorship

Add 10 days of Telegram Group coaching, where you receive daily snippets & receive direct coaching on your questions by Stephanie for CHF 100 (add at checkout).

1:1 Mentorship

Add one 1:1 Session of 60 minutes for your personalized support for CHF 185 instead of CHF 250. Must be taken from 19 to 26 August or 23 to 30 September. Limited availabilty.

The content I needed to step into my empowerment and take responsibility in my relationships

This course would’ve saved me so much misery in my early dating years and it’s exactly the content I needed to step into my empowerment and take responsibility in my relationships.

Lydia, 1:1 client & participant of the 5-week dating & relationship course Enchantress

I look at love and life with a very fresh perspective now.

Mentoring with Stephanie is a life changing experience. I’m so glad I did this for me. I look at love and life with a very fresh perspective now. What I loved most about the mentoring is the comfort I had with Stephanie I didn’t have to make an effort to be open. It came naturally to me. I discovered things about myself which I wouldn’t have figured on my own. The biggest breakthrough for me was to have my eyes opened about my patterns in dating + relationships and how to change the narrative.

Tania, One Month Mentorship on dating & relationships

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