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An embodied meditation to create safety in the body and descend into your womb, heart and feminine essence & depth.

Learn how to differentiate between mind, heart and body, and how to let go of living solely from the mind, but your feminine core, power & energy.

Feminine Descent Meditation

Image by Edward Howell

Hi, beautiful!

My name is Stephanie and I'm a Women's Mentor, Healer and Embodiment Teacher. It is my life's work to guide women back into their bodies, feminine essence & self through the journey of radical descent into the body, womb and heart, as well as relationship with the masculine.

My own journey of struggling tremendously with romantic relationships, constantly attracting men who were not ready, willing or able to committ and claim me, has led me to do the work I do today.

I believe there is nothing more important for a woman than to truly remember her feminine essence, nature and depth, and starting to live according to her natural design again.

In my work I guide you into the depths of your womb, body and heart, re-establishing unshakeable inner safety, clarity & intuition, whilst melting armours around your heart, unhealthy patterns, childhood woundings and past life trauma.

My work is for every woman desiring a massive shift in how she lives life. From tired, dried out, controlling and mind-focused to radiant, alive, fulfilled and in flow.

This meditation is the first step and most important step into this new reality.

I would love to hear how this meditation is serving you. Repeat it as often as  desired.

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