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Do., 04. Apr.


via Zoom

WOMB WISDOM Masterclass

An online masterclass to cultivate deep self-trust and following the wisdom of your womb. Remember that you wisdom is innate, within you, and learn to trust the call.

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WOMB WISDOM Masterclass
WOMB WISDOM Masterclass

Place & time

04. Apr. 2024, 17:00 – 19:00 MESZ

via Zoom

About the workshop


Online Masterclass

Thursday, 4 March, 17.00 / 5pm CEST

Moving to the rhythm of your womb, fully trusting its innate wisdom, hearing its whispers and finally letting go of over-thinking, over analyzing and constantly pondering if it’s right to go left or right?

The Womb Wisdom Masterclass is here to totally revolutionize the way you move through life:

- From your womb instead of your mind

- From your own rhythm instead of should, musts and pressure

- From your innate bodily wisdom instead of over-thinking

This session is for you want to stop living from the mind, looking restlessly for answers and outsourcing your power and start living from the wisdom and oracle of your womb.

Over the course of 120 minutes, you will be initiated into the innate wisdom that resides within you, how to feel it, and how to follow it.

You will learn to speak the language of your womb, and learn how to translate it into tangible action, creative pursuits, and potent decisions.

Gone are the times, where you:

- feel the pressure to finally do things, then constantly overanalyze and overthink until your head almost falls of

- only rely on your analytical mind to make decisions, receive clarity and input

- go back and forth for hours before

- don’t trust the innate wisdom and intuition within

- are scared of your innate cycles and the ebb and flow of life

- don’t trust that your impulses and insights will come

You are done moving from the mind because you can feel that this is unnatural, unorganic and leads you to push, strive and control. Deep down you know that this is not the way forward for you.

You want to:

- know and trust your innate inner wisdom

- move from inspiration, delight and joy

- live deeply rooted in your body, and from your bodily wisdom

- master the art of staying in the void, even when it’s hard, so you can open to new creation easily

- speak the language of your womb

What you will learn in this masterclass:

- how to access your womb and receive its innate wisdom, aka tangible information

- trusting your bodily wisdom & impulses

- channeling your inner wisdom into potent creations, clear decisions

- dealing with energies of pressure, wanting to move from the mind and overanalyzing

We will cover different scenarios and aspects.

This masterclass is the gateway to a completely new way of being. The feminine way of being. And creating. A revolution by itself.


120 minutes online via Zoom

With replay


CHF 75 until 28.3.

CHF 150 full tuition afterwards


  • Womb Wisdom Masterclass

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