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So., 17. Dez.


In-Person in Zurich or Online

Priestess of the Veil – Advanced Practitioner Journey

A three month journey into feminine power, potency & mystisicm and your embodied feminine power as a woman.

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Priestess of the Veil – Advanced Practitioner Journey
Priestess of the Veil – Advanced Practitioner Journey

Place & time

17. Dez. 2023, 17:30 – 29. Feb. 2024, 17:30

In-Person in Zurich or Online

About the workshop

Priestess of the Veil

3 Months Advanced Practitioner Journey

The Priestess Journey is a 3 month intensive journey into your feminine power, potency and mysticism. This program is an initiation into the Priestess Archetype, your spiritual gifts and deeper nuances and layers of your femininity, brining forth deeper power, potency and inner clarity of who you are as a woman and how you move through this world.

The focus of this very visceral, somatic and intrinsic experience is creating pristine inner clarity, alignment of heart-womb-mind (third eye, crown, spirit), activation of your psychic gifts and cultivating innate wholeness, power and strength as a woman.

Journeying through the three most potent and magical months of the years and using the tradition and rites of the Rauhnächte, you’ll be initiated into moving past the veil, into the spiritual world, unlocking your own abilities to connect with spirit, be guided by it and create through it.

This is a deep & powerful initiation into your next level power, holding the potency of what it means to be a woman through embodying deeper layers of your feminine essence. An invitation and initiation to be felt, experienced, and explored.

The Priestess Journey is a journey for women who are done playing small, victim of their lives, circumstances and ready to step into their full power: Clear, feminine, self-holding, self-responsible.

The Priestess cultivates:

- crystal clear, pristine inner clarity

- a strong and powerful Womb-Heart-Mind connection

- communion with her inner wisdom, her gifts and the awareness of her potency

- a connection to the world beyond the veil, where she receives guidance and support

- wholeness as a woman and feminine essence being

- awareness of her strength, power and potency, away from people pleasing and staying small

- a strong spine, inner wholeness and power

- her unique Priestess template

This journey is for you, if you:

  • are ready to step into deeper inner power, wisdom and potency, owning who you are as a woman on every level
  • desire to align your heart with your womb, and your womb with your spirit/mind and create unshakebale inner clarity
  • want to cultivate deeper and more embodied feminine leadership, in every area of your life
  • want to stop playing small, hiding behind a victim mindset and people pleasing and fully step into your power
  • are ready to tap into your oracular wisdom and trust your intuition, following it without doubt
  • are ready to take the next step in your feminine evulotion and tap into your spiritual and psychic gifts
  • feel pulled towards the magical, mystical, deep feminine magic that goes beyond words

What our time together includes & you will learn:

– how to tap into and align your Womb-Heart-Mind connection and deepen your connection to each channel

– how to cultivate and hold the pole of pristine inner clarity

– upholding personal power and not collapsing/shrinking

– connecting with and deepening into your inner oracle & wisdom, learning to receive and trust it's wisdom

– activating and honing your psychic gifts and learning how to tap into them, connect with the spiritual world

– deepening into the sacred feminine arts, going beyond the mundane and understandable

– erecting into bolder power, potency and strenght, resulting in a new level of feminine leadership


  • 3 live Immersions (Workshop) of each 3 hours
  • Online Co-Hort between the Rauhnächte (for both in-person and online co-horts)
  • One 60min 1:1 Session for your individual support during the time of our journey
  • Homework assignments + rituals
  • Listening + practice partner
  • Telegram group chat for support

In-Person Group Dates

Our studio: Om Yoga Wallisellen

Sunday, 17 December 2023, 17.30-20.30

Saturday, 20 January 2024, 17.30-20.30

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 17.30-20.30

Online Group Dates

Wednesday, 20 December, 5-8pm CEST

Wednesday, 24 January, 2024 8-11pm CEST

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 5-8pm CEST

Online Co-Hort between Rauhnächte (for both groups, in-person and online together)

27 December & 10 January, 20.30-21.30 | 8.30-9.30pm CEST


CHF 750

– can be paid in full or with 3 monthly payments of CHF 250

If you sign up from Switzerland please use the "Manual Payment" method and pay via Twint or Online Banking. Thank you very much for helping us save fees.


With this purchase you agree to our terms and conditions. There are no refunds on the Priestess Journey, but you can always give your ticket to someone else. Please be resourceful and thoughtful when purchasing this program.


Please note that this is a rough draft of our time together, as each experience is crafted from a space of non-linear feminine wisdom and mystery.

December: Into the Void

Dive  deep into the darkness and let her hold you. We dive deep into the dark  and mystical season of the year, opening our channels to the time to  come. Descend deeper into your body and learn how to move into deeper,  more embodied practice. Weave together the threads of womb, heart and  crown, receiving guidance and support with whatever portal you struggle  accessing the most. Open your heart to this experience and journey in a  powerful opening ceremony, setting your intention and connecting to the  world beyond the veil. A night of mysticism to remember, opening the  portals to the Rauhnächte.

January: Into the Veil

Weave  together artfully your womb - heart and crowne connection and learn how  to draw your energy up and connect to the world beyond the veil. The  Rauhnächte time & rituals will guide you deeper into your feminine  mysticism and spirituality, opening you up to a world full of magic,  mysticism and spirituality. Learn  how to move beyond the veil and tap into your psychic and spiritual  gifts, being able to receive guidance and support from the spiritual  realms. We will look at the places where you feel blocked from stepping  into this new dimension of your feminine expression and gifts, and  gently release those blocks.

February: Into the Light

Who are you,  when you fully inhabit and hold your gifts? Having passed the threshold  through the spiritual world, we’ll take it back into real world: How do  you want to show up in this world, honoring your Priestess essence – no  matter if in your corporate job, the bedroom or a mundane shopping trip.  We will be looking into feminine leadership, integration of the work  we’ve done before and let you move through a powerful initiation process  to be able to show up as the woman you are meant to be.


When am I an advanced practitioner? You are not new to feminine practice, connecting to your heart and body and have practiced/are practicing embodiment, meditation, and other aspects of the feminine arts. It doesn’t matter if this practice is mainly happening for yourself, or within a group. If you have joined several Sacred Circle events / immersions or joined one of my online courses you can definitely join. If you feel unsure, just send me an email or message on Instagram and I can give you my view. If you have never done embodiment, or just very few times and struggle staying in your body this is not the time yet for you, and you are welcome to join any offerings of the Sacred Circle. You definitely don't have to be a professional though, just a woman who really yearns to take her practice deper.

How do I know this is for me? The Priestess has to be felt. Tune into your body and hear what resonance you feel. There will come a moment in time, where you are just drawn to this energy and frequency. In addition, this is for you if you are ready to step into change and growth now, expand your comfort zone and take radical self-responsibility. If you feel easily triggered, not ready to move past your old limitations yet, this is not the space for you. 

Is this a teacher training? No, this is not a teacher training but can be used as extended training for your own repertoire and practice of the feminine arts.

Will there be a lot of inbetween work? No, this journey is focusing on the somatic, visceral experience and integration. The centerpieces of our time are the immersions, to which you will receive further material IF you want to dive into, yet this is not needed to take the most out of our time together.

Do you offer scholarships? I offer one scholarship for a woman who is in financial need / shortage and earns below CHF 3’000 in each online and in-person group. The investment is CHF 350. If this is you send me an email.


  • Priestess Journey PAYINFULL

    pay the whole tuition in one payment

    CHF 750.00
    Sale ended
  • Priestess Journey MONTHLY

    Payment plan of 3 monthly payments of each CHF 250. Make your first payment with this booking, receive the next two via invoice within the span of a month each.

    CHF 250.00
    Sale ended


CHF 0.00


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