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Sa., 06. Jan.



Into the New – a Half-Day Immersion into your Heart, Womb and Feminine Self to open to 2024

A three hour opening ceremony & immersion to open into the new, grounded in your womb and heart, opening up for what is to come from your feminine essence.

Into the New – a Half-Day Immersion into your Heart, Womb and Feminine Self to open to 2024
Into the New – a Half-Day Immersion into your Heart, Womb and Feminine Self to open to 2024

Place & time

06. Jan. 2024, 15:00 – 18:30

Zürich, Klosbachstrasse 3, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland

About the workshop

Since 5 years I am holding powerful opening to the years ceremonies, that gather together the most wonderful women who are ready to tap into their hearts and tune into what is true for them. What started as "Reconnect & Release" in 2018, my first ever workshop held as a Yoga Teacher, has morphed and formed as has the focus of my work.

I am excited to invite you into the first:

Into the New – A Half Day Immersion into your Feminine Heart, Womb & Feminine-self to open for the new Year to come

Opening Ceremony 2024

Deeply rooted in my womb, connected to my heart, open and receptive to receive life's simple guidance, my heart and wombs whispers, and my deepest yearnings and desires – this is how I want to start into the new year.

Far away from pressure to make it right, having to write down 100 goals at the beginning of the year, probably influenced by sociatal programming and nothing what I really want.

It's easy to get swept away in the first days of the year, and it's even easier to disembody and dis-connect from our feminine essence.

Into the New is your invitation to start the new year deeply connected to yourself, your heart and your womb.

Slowing down and tuning in, so you can hear your heart's whispers. Learning to cultivating a connection to your womb and it's own language and voice, so you can hear your intuition and inner wisdom. Opening up the heart deeply, so you can access the biggest yearnings and desires, that you might be to afraid to truly name and claim. Tuning in what gets to be released, so you can be truly open and receptive.

This half-day immersion is for you, if you:

  • love the magic of the new year and want to immerse yourself in it
  • want to be completely open to the new to come
  • yearn for a feminine start into the new year
  • want to move into the new year heart-forward, courageous and excited for what's to come – and deeply relaxed

The New Year Ceremony:

  • Tuning into the Heart Practice
  • Rooting into the Body & Womb Practice
  • Embodiment and somatic practice to drop even deeper into the body
  • Celebrating the New Ceremony – Year 2024
  • Feeling out your desires & yearnings, unlocking your ability to tap into your inner wisdom & intuitive guidance
  • Healing-Sequence to release what is holding you back from receiving inner clarity & owning your yearnings with release ritual
  • Ceremonial Sharing to celebrate each woman and her journey

Our journey includes different heart-meditations, somatic practices, womb practices, restorative (yoga) sequences, self-inquiry & journaling and sitting in circle.


Saturday, 6 January 2024, 15.00-18.00 Studio, Klosbachstrasse 3, 8032 Zurich


CHF 155.-

Special until 31.11.: Bring a friend CHF 200.- for both


  • New Year Immersion

    CHF 155.00
  • New Year Immersion for Two

    Bring a friend special: Pay CHF 200.- for both.

    CHF 200.00
  • Feminine Friday Ticket

    Sale ends: 01. Dez., 23:50
    CHF 50.00


CHF 0.00


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