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A Woman's Heart

A Woman's Heart is a 5-week online group program to lead you past numbness, being cut-off from your emotions and heart and inability to hold yourself to fully feeling your emotions, opening your heart & deepening into the depth & mystery of your heart to create more love, intimacy and joy in your life.

Starts 23 October

Hello, beautiful one

I am so happy that you are here.

If I know one thing, it is that generations of women struggle with feeling their feelings, holding themselves through their emotions and accessing their heart.

Having worked with many women in the past years, what I came to see was always the same: They are cut-off from their hearts, hiding behind a masculine shield and walls of brick, struggle with being vulnerable and constant overwhelm and as a consequence of this, struggling with receiving live in all it's beauty and abundance, having the intimate relationships they desire and moving through life heart-wide-open.

With this course, I want to change this.

Hi, beloved

My name is Stephanie and I'm a Women's Mentor, Feminine Energy & Embodiment teacher and Healer.

All my life – until 5 years ago, I struggled tremendously with romantic relationships. It seemed like whatever I did, no man wanted to choose me, or stay with me. I was devastated. After another heartbreak, I realized, something has to change. What started as self-love work, quickly brought me back into the depth of my heart and the realization, that the moment it comes to creating deeper intimacy, and therewith bigger vulnerability, I completely shut down. I was the go-getter, the woman with goals, always going for what I wanted, highly successful first in my corporate career, then in my first years of my own business.

What I've never learned was slowing down, being and tuning into my heart. I quickly realized, that my missing connection to my heart, was what held me from actually experiencing the love – and experienced life – I truly desired.

I started on an intense journey of healing, coming back into my heart and learning to truly access it. At this point I want to honor my teachers and mentors Angela Ramel and Marco Tesi, who so gracefully held space for me and supported me on this journey.

After some time I came across breastmassage, incorporated it into my daily practice and saw huge results in the way I was able to connect to my heart. This is where Feminine Heart, my OG-course on self-love, self-worth and emotional healing was born.

Having deepend even more into my feminine expression, depth, womb & heart in the last years, being in union with my masculine king, a new layer has been uncovered. A layer, that I have witnessed being a huge stepping stone for many of my clients who also want to deepen into their feminine expression. And this is why A Woman's Heart was born. I cannot wait to teach you all I've learned and integrated.

I am able to feel now, able to listen to myself, to what I truly desire in each moment.

With Stephanie and Feminine Heart I was able to start opening my heart. What sounds easy was actually really hard for me. I am able to feel now, able to listen to myself, to what I truly desire in each moment. I learned how to let go of old habits and it has already brought so much more quality into my life. For me, Feminine Heart was the key to a door I didn’t know existed and opened up something I can‘t describe yet but still never want to miss.

Sarah | Feminine Heart Program

Is this you?

You feel cut-off from your heart and emotions

You would really like to feel, but it is inhernetly hard for you to access your heart, or you fall in and out of connection with your heart.

You are hiding behind a masculine shield

You are scared to reveal your heart, vulnerability is something you are afraid of, and still – deep down you are yearning for a more open, soft and warm feeling in your heartspace. You want to break out of the cool girl mode and doing it all by yourself.

Your emotions are overwhelming you

The emotions of everyday life are overwhelming you. Sometimes you cannot think straight for days and fully loose yourself in them, making it hard to move through your days.

You don't know how to hold yourself

Holding yourself through your emotional processes is one of the hardest things to do for you. You see yourself projecting your feelings onto your partner, lashing out, or getting lost in the sensation. You don't feel safe.

You would love to receive more but get stuck

There seems to be a certain barrier to experience life to it's fullness. You are yearning to drink it in deeply, feel and receive it in every cell, yet somewhat your heart stays closed or only partly open. Receiving bigger seems to far of a stretch.

Your yearn for more intimacy with life & love

You are so yearning to have a life full of intimacy: with a prospective partner, your current one, your work, life itself. Yet somewhat this intimacy and closeness is not available to you – yet.


Imagine this:

♥︎ feeling your heart & your emotions deeply

♥︎ opening your heart wide – and be led by it

♥︎ dissolving emotional blockages with ease

♥︎ being able to hold yourself safely through your emotional processing

♥︎ navigating inner & outer conflict with ease

♥︎ being rooted in the here and now, because you can connect with yourself and process your emotions effortlessly

♥︎ communicating the depth of your heart & your truth with ease, creating deeper intimacy with your partner, friends & life

♥︎ receiving more through expanding your holding capacity

♥︎  having more intimacy in your dating process and relationship

♥︎  inspiring your masculine partner to show up with more presence, leadership and appreciation

♥︎ fully immersing into the beauty of longing and yearning, allowing it to open to deeper layers of your feminine expression

♥︎ deepening into your feminine depth, softness, radiance & reciptivity

I believe that a course like this, is a foundation every woman needs to have. And I believe it's content the answer to many women's issues – and this, no matter how deep you are in your feminine embodiment journey.

The ability to deepen into your heart, feel your emotions, hold yourself through the process without intellectualizing or trying to "out-heal" yourself is one of the most potent, deep – and difficult parts of deepening into your feminine essence.

What I've seen in my work is, that exactly the neglect of this part often leads to:

  • never-ending drama-cycles in relationships, where your man is just not doing enough, you switch back into the wounded little girl and try so hard to make him be more masculine

  • women staying in the "single girl" mode forever, being pissed off at all the fuck boys, yet never being able to create and maintain a deep connection

  • feeling overwhelmed in your daily life, getting stuck in your emotions and to do's, a complete whirlwind of things and struggling being present

  • struggling in your soul-business and with taking action, because holding all the emotions coming up for you is just too much

Feminine Heart  gave me so much quality of life which I will never give up again.

With Feminine Heart and the sensitive work of Stephanie I learned to feel my feelings and desires, to name and to stand up for them. To open my heart, feel lighter and worthy. To reflect my actions and to be more self confident. I can experience more pleasure now and feel less shame. The embodiment practices and the breast-massage helped me to be more in my body and release old stuff. They are still important & wonderful rituals in my life.

Feminine Heart wasn't always easy for me, but it gave me so much quality of life. Which I will never give up again.

Simone | Feminine Heart Program

A Woman's Heart will help you to

So, here is what a Woman's Heart will do for you

fully come back into your sweet, feminine heart, inhabit, explore and immerse yourself into your emotions and hold yourself & creating unshakeable inner safety

move through any emotions with ease and embody different feminine archetypes and flavors; roarding wild, lovingly angry, sweetly loving, seducingly open

create a new depth and ability in self-holding, stretching and expanding to let in more and expand your receptivity

creating visceral, life-changing intimacy with life, your beloved, a future partner, your work – every moment a powerful communion

communicate from your heart and not your triggers

Image by Levko Lyudochka

We are spending 5 intense weeks together, with weekly workshops as well as q+a calls and daily mini-practices.

What I've learned through leading past online programs & courses, is that they are to most impactful when you receive daily tools and committ to a shorter, yet more intensive amount of time.

Please note that this is an intense experience and will ask for emotional maturity and the willingness to radically practice self-holding. We will dive into topics like inner child healing and have ThetaHealing sequences which require you to be mentally and physically stable. If you are currently suffering from severe trauma, please get in touch first. I suggest you to get support from a therapist or see if a 1:1 option might be supportive for you.

What we are covering

  • coming back into your heart

  • uncovering fears, patterns and blockages to feeling your emotions

  • softening the masculine shield

  • inner child healing

  • deepening into the heart through breastmassage

  • how to self-hold and self-soothe

  • letting go of emotional outsourcing and fully owning your emotions

  • tapping into deeper vulnerability

  • self-holding as expanding your capacity to receive

  • sharing your heart as a devotional offering

  • sharing your truth & communication in love, relationship & life

  • intimacy blocks with yourself and others

  • unraveling feminine expression of the heart

  • diving deeper into the heart as a journey of mystery and poetry

Main tools: Breastmassage, ThetaHealing®, Self-inquiry through meditation, journaling, Nervous System relaxation


Program Details + Outline

♥︎ 5 Weeks Online Group Program

♥︎ 5 Modules delivered in 5 live classes

♥︎ 5 live Q+A sessions for all your questions

♥︎ Daily rituals, practices + tasks for the best possible integration

♥︎ Telegram or FB group for the time of the program with direct access to your sisters and Stephanie for questions


Start: Monday, 23 October 2023

Full tuition: CHF 550
Early bird until 13
.10.: CHF 450

Pre-sale until 28.9.: CHF 250

Hear it from other women

A deeper part of my womb work for this phase in my life began a few months ago, but our time together has given me such a beautiful sustainable way to integrate this practice into my daily life - and spiritual practices! This lesson is so important as a woman in her feminine core - to live in the flow of life as a devotee. This is now become further weaved into my life, my Sadhana and my work. Thank you so much for this 3 weeks of immersive experience! I’ve become a devote of the divine feminine now – yet she permeates through every part of me! ❤️

Shangkari, Sacred Feminine Mentor | Feminine Heart Mini Series

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