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This is an invitation for every woman who desires to restore her divine feminine sexuality + lovingly create a relationship with her lower body and experience more pleasure and aliveness

Hey beauty!

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I am wildly passionate about teaching women the ancient Tao-Tantric ritual of the Yoni Egg because I believe there is no other tool that brings women this radically back into their bodies and supports in establishing and nurturing a loving, guilt + shame free relationship with your lower body, yoni and sexuality.

yoni egg initiations
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Most women in our modern day society feel completely cut-off from their lower bodies, womb and yoni. Sexuality still is a topic of guilt and shame for many women and a lot of us are being brought up to be completely disconnected from our own pleasure and from having an intimate relationship with our lower bodies, which are essential for our connection to our feminine energy.

Your womb and yoni - Sanskrit for Vagina meaning "Sacred Temple" - are the center of power of your femininty, together with your heart.

The Yoni Egg ritual is a beautiful tool to re-connect with these parts of our body, lovingly create a relationship and compassionately release guilt, shame and trauma stored in the tissue inside our yoni through using those egg-shaped crystals inside our vagina.

At first sight, the Yoni Egg practice is nothing more than a pelvic floor training and activation, yet the benefits of this practice go far beyond strenghtened pelvic floor muscles...

benefits of the yoni egg
  • Re-connects you to your divine feminine essence and sacred sensuality

  • Strenghtens the pelvic floor, brings awareness, energy and circulation into your lower body which supports your menstrual flow, pms and sensitivity

  • Increases sensitivity, lubrication and pleasure potential of your yoni

  • Re-establishes a loving relationship to your lower body, womb and yoni, brining more confidence, strenght and boundaries

  • Gives back a deep sense of grounding, rooting + connection to self

  • Supports opening the heart and becoming a channel of love

  • Activates + unlocks sexual life force energy for more vitality

  • Helps relieve PMS + menstrual pain

  • Activates into deeper embodiment of your authentic femininity

  • Brings deep acceptance and healing to your femininity, self-worth and guilt and shame around sexuality

  • Supports having deeper orgasms

.. and are here for every woman who desires to create a loving relationship with her yoni + sexuality and go on a journey of deeper pleasure, power + vitality

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The Yoni Egg ritual + Initiation is for you if you

struggle with
  • feeling cut-off from your lower body, pelvic floor and yoni

  • carrying a lot of guilt and shame around your sexuality

  • experiencing pain and insensitivity in your yoni

  • tapping and resting in(to) your feminine energy and sensuality, getting out of your head into your body

  • fully loving + embracing yourself as a woman

  • accepting your feminine body

  • PMS + menstrual pain

  • carrying a lot of guilt and shame around your sexuality

  • feeling dis-connected + ungrounded

  • accessing your heart

  • having access to your life for energy, pleasure and juicy aliveness

desire to
  • get back in touch with your femininity and gently + lovingly reclaim your sensuality and sexuality

  • re-connect with your pelvic floor and womb-space

  • heal deep seated guilt and shame around your sexuality

  • establish a loving relationship to your feminine body and yoni

  • increase the sensitivity of your yoni & experience deep orgasms

  • tap into your creative energy and full creative power

  • learn how to back into your body, out of your head and masculine go-mode + slow down!

  • fully love and accept yourself as a woman

  • nurture your roots to experience more grounding

  • experience mind-blowing and deeper orgasms and more pleasure in your everyday life

  • balance hormones, menstrual and menopausal symptoms

  • redefine your relationship to sensuality and sexuality

  • unlock + work with your sexual energy

  • awaken your vitality, gain more pleasure, self-confidence and well-being

So, beautiful, how do you feel? Is this speaking to you?

Are you ready to radically come back to your feminine essence and sensual expression?
Are you ready to expand into deeper pleasure, sensitivity + sensual fulfillment?

Do you want to enjoy a loving relationship with the seat of your feminine power, your sacred space, and heart?

Do you want to feel sexy from the inside out and unleash your sexual energy?


The Yoni Egg Ritual is a deeply transformative and magical journey to more self-love, body-awareness, pleasure and ultimately, your infinite feminine power which already lies within you.

Learning this ritual and going through the initiation in the circle of other women is a deeply heart-opening and transformative experience you'll never forget.

The Yoni Egg Initiation is a beautiful ritual which initiates you into different Tao-Tantric practices which support you in cultivating your feminine essence, soften your body, open your heart, harnessing your sexual life force energy and re-connect with the goddess within. The workshop uses different practices and tools, which will enrich your daily life and slowly and gently open you up to the heart of this 5-hours intensive: The Yoni Egg Initiation.


The Initiation takes part in the last hour of the workshop, and is held in a safe, private environment (no nudity). My utmost intention is to create a safe space for every woman.

your investment

Yoni Egg Initiation full package CHF 297

  • 4,5 hour deep dive workshop

  • Yoni Egg set including 3 yoni eggs of your choice

  • Yoni Egg Ritual Audio to practice at home + PDF guide

  • A safe space to explore your femininity + sensuality

  • The chance to meet like-minded women

  • Water, tea + snacks

Yoni Egg Initiation Workshop only CHF 197

  • 4,5 hour deep dive workshop

  • Yoni Egg set including 3 yoni eggs of your choice

  • Yoni Egg Ritual Audio to practice at home + PDF guide

  • A safe space to explore your femininity + sensuality

  • The chance to meet like-minded women

  • Water, tea + snacks

Option: Add a single healing session for the reduced price of CHF 200 instead of CHF 250 to your initiation


Opening circle with an introduction into the day + getting to know each other

Womb-Heart connection
Feminine Embodiment practices

Introduction into Tao-Tantric arts for women: Body-awareness, Breathwork,
Sexual Energy creation & meditations

Kundalini activation

Goddess + Self-love Rituals

Sensual dance/movement/yoga

Orgasmic Breathing practice

Initiation into the Yoni Egg ritual

Sharing circles amongst like-minded women

Important: If you experienced severe sexual trauma please get in touch with me before signing up to this workshop, so we can assess, if this is the right space for you. If you are pregnant or gave birth, I advise you to contact your midwife before joining. 6 months post birth is usually a good time to get back in touch with your pelvic floor, given there have not been any major complications.

Next Initiation dates 

  • 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation
    1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Private 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation, in person or online.
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
    Yoni Egg Initiation
    So., 06. Nov.
    06. Nov. 2022, 13:00 – 17:30
    Zürich, Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich, Switzerland
    The in-person Yoni Egg Initiation is held in a small group of max. 8 women in Zurich. For more information please see the event details.

What Clients Say

"I thought the workshop was really great, thank you very much. I thought it was nice that there was first a broader framework in which a connection with one's own body could be established through breathing, movement and dance. That was important. I also found the small group size very pleasant."
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