Do you want to connect with your feminine essence?

Do you want to learn to open your body to more sensitivity, sensuality and pleasure?

Do you want to heal any guilt and shame around sexuality?

Do you want to be at peace and enjoying your body?

Do you want to feel sexy from the inside out and unleash your sexual energy?


The Yoni Egg Ritual is a deeply transformative and magical journey to more self-love, body-awareness, pleasure and ultimately, your infinite feminine power which already lies within you.

The Yoni Egg practice goes back to ancient China, where it has been developed by the three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor (2697-2598 BC) to improve the well-being of women and harness their precious sexual energy. Yoni Eggs are egg-shaped crystals, which we insert into our vagina. Physically, we use the Yoni Egg to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and the female pelvic floor, which serves as a support for all vital organs of the body.

There are many other benefits to this practice, and for me the Yoni Egg practice should be part of every woman's self-care and self-love routine. Why? Because I believe that as long as you don't include your sexuality and sensuality in your self-love routine - you will keep loving yourself half-heartedly. Women have been shamed for their sexuality for ages - let's reclaim our true power and our sexual energy!



☾ Reclaim your sexuality + sensual feminine essence

☾ Cultivate feminine self-love, sacred sensuality and sexual energy

☾ Re-connect to your feminine energy

☾ Get back into your body, out of your head and masculine go-mode

☾ Feel balanced, rooted and grounded (in your femininity)

☾ Establishing a deep and loving relationship with your feminine body

☾ Heal guilt and shame around sexuality

☾ Feel safe & sexy in your body, expressing your sensuality

☾ Unleash and harness your sexual energy

☾ Feel safe expressing yourself as a woman

☾ Experience deeper orgasms & more pleasure


The Yoni Egg Initiation is a beautiful ritual which initiates you into different Tao-Tantric practices which support you in cultivating your feminine essence, soften your body, open your heart, harnessing your sexual life force energy and re-connect with the goddess within. The workshop uses different practices and tools, which will enrich your daily life and slowly and gently open you up to the heart of this 5-hours intensive: The Yoni Egg Initiation. The Initiation takes part in the last hour of the workshop, and is held in a safe, private environment (no nudity).



Feminine Embodiment practices

Introduction into Tao-Tantric arts for women: Body-awareness, Breathwork,
Sexual Energy creation & meditations

Womb-Heart connection

Kundalini activation

Goddes Rituals

Sensual dance/movement/yoga

Sensual self-care & self-love rituals

Initiation into the Yoni Egg ritual

Sharing circles amongst like-minded women


Yayyy! In person group initiations are possible again. We practice in a small group of 4 women with social distancing at Yoga Tribe K6 in Zurich.

  • 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Contact me for your 1:1 session
    In-person or online
    Private 1:1 Yoni Egg Initiation, in person or online.
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
    Sa., 04. Dez.
    Yoga Tribe K6
    04. Dez., 13:30 – 17:30
    Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 195, 8037 Zürich, Schweiz
    The in-person Yoni Egg Initiation is held in a small group of max. 8 women in Zurich. For more information please see the event details.

Ich fand den Workshop wirklich toll, vielen Dank. Ich fand es schön, dass es zuerst einen breiteren Rahmen gegeben hat, in dem über Atmung, Bewegung und Tanz eine Verbindung mit dem eigenen Körper aufgebaut werden konnte. Das war wichtig. Ausserdem empfand ich die kleine Gruppengrösse als sehr angenehm. 

— Yoni Egg Initiation participant November 2019

I can fully recommend Stephanies workshop Yoni Egg Initiation. With her know how, intuition and female power she creates a save space where women can learn more about this Taoist and tantric practice. After the workshop I was fully emobied, deeply connected to my intuition and full of inspiration.

— S. Yoni Egg Initiation participant September 2019