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Image by Edward Howell
women's healing circles + immersions

Women have been gathering in sacred circles since centuries. Holding each other safe in the nourishing energy of the divine feminine, sharing experiences, learnings, healing wounds and essentialy sharing wisdom around womanhood. During the times of a more masculine-driven way of living, this ancient treasure has been forgotten for a while. Women became super-women, trying to be perfect and striving in every area of their lives, mostly forgetting to filling their cups first and what it means to connect in the nourishing circle of women.

Since 5 years I am holding transformational Women's Circles, Workshops and Deep Dive Immersions. It is my deepest intention to offer a safe space for women to come back to their true nature, nourish deeply and experience deep transformation. A space where masks can be let go of, where you as an individual, as a woman, a soul, a heartbeat, are seen, witnessed and helf in the safe invironment of a loving sisterhood.

My Women's Healing Circles + Immersions are in-person spaces that invite each woman onto a deep inner healing journey in the setting of a group. Unlike classical Women's Circles, we do not limit our events on sharing + sitting in circle (which is a beautiful offering in itself), but emphasise and focus on creating a tangible, deep and transformational healing space.

My immersions offer every woman present the opportunity to go deep into their shadows, fears and insecurities and alchemize what is ready to be alchemize. We work with different tools, rituals, practices and archetypes.

You have the opportunity to join single circles, get a 3-circle-pass or get a membership for a flat rate for the whole year.


My circles are open for women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities who desire to re-connect and re-discover with their feminine essence, the healing power of sisterhood as well as their own divine feminine energy and therewith power, and who desire to do deep healing work in a group setting.

Image by Annie Spratt
circles include

☾ Monthly changing themes around what moves a womans life

☾ Healing Sequence in group or individually

☾ Feminine rituals + practices like embodiment, free dance, meditations, breathwork, Yoga

☾ Working with different Goddesses, Archetypes and Deities

☾ Tantric Sisterhood Rituals

☾ Sharing & sitting in circle

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upcoming dates + schedule

22.2. Return to Wholeness | Vollkommen-Sein

Women's Healing Circle + Immersion ☾ Frauen Heilkreis + Workshop


22.3. Equinox Ceremony in Nature | Equinox Zeremonie in der Natur

Ceremony & vision circle ☾ Zeremonie & Visionskreis


Navigating relationship + how to not get lost in it | Beziehungen navigieren + sich nicht im Anderen verlieren

Women's Healing Circle + Immersion ☾ Frauen Heilkreis + Workshop


2.4. Awaken the Feminine: Maiden + Lover Archetype explored | Erwecke deine Weiblichkeit durch die Archetypen der Jungfrau und Liebenden

Women's Healing Circle + Immersion ☾ Frauen Heilkreis + Workshop


23.6. Summer Solstice Ceremony | Mitsommer Zeremonie Yoga Scheune Meilen

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