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Intimate gatherings for women to connect, remember and nourish their feminine essence and sisterhood.

Every third Wednesday of the month in Zurich City.

Are you yearning for a place of understanding, love and sisterhood?

Do you want to experience a safe space to share your deepest wishes, fears and emotions without guilt and shame?

Are you looking for a nourishing space to relax and fill your cup?

Do you want to feel powerful in your feminine essence?

Are you interested in getting to know different feminine rituals, embodiment practices and tools to support you in living your life as the goddess you are?​

Are you looking for a group of women who deeply support and love each other?

Women have been gathering in sacred circles since centuries. Holding each other safe in the nourishing energy of the divine feminine, sharing experiences, learnings, healing wounds and essentialy sharing wisdom around womanhood. During the times of a more masculine-driven way of living, this ancient treasure has been forgotten for a while. Women became super-women, trying to be perfect and striving in every area of their lives, mostly forgetting to filling their cups first and what it means to connect in the nourishing circle of women.


With my Women's Circles I aim to create this safe space for women of all ages to re-connect and re-discover the healing power of sisterhood as well as each one's divine feminine energy and therewith power. A safe haven, to come back to your core. To explore. To share. To open to your hearts and the love flowing through your veins. To open to the imminate wisdom of the feminine.


every third Wednesday of the month, 8-10pm

different locations in Zurich

Sharing circles

monthly changing themes around what moves a womans life

Feminine rituals like movement, dance, journaling, visualisations and more

Self-love practices

Goddess sisterhood rituals

Energy exchange: CHF 57 for single circle

Different abos available

Learn more about class range,

rates and options for private

classes and yoga for companies

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