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Are you yearning for a safe space where you can be all of who you are, wonderful woman? Being witnessed, held and seen for just who you are?


Letting go of the fear of being judged, too much, too sensual, the fear speaking your truth?

Are you yearning to finally come back to your body and heart, expand and crack your heart open, feel again – fully, and be deeply rooted in your feminine self and wisdom?


Dropping deep into your feminine wisdom and reclaiming the pieces you left behind?

Saturday + Sunday, 15 + 16 july 2023

Wild Feminine Heart is a 2-day retreat for women desiring to reclaim their feminine essence, drop deep into their bodies, anchor in their hearts and let go of limitations, blockages and fears to embrace their multifaceted, wild feminine self, expression and truth.


These two days are an invitation for you to soften back into your natural essence, crack your heart wide open, feel fully, drop into your hips, womb and lower body and relax into your true, sensual self.


A safe space to soften, nourish, release the shields around your heart and reclaim your innate feminine wisdom residing deep within.

An invitation to be all of you, wild, angry, holy, hot, sexy, sad – and feel your innate wholeness while doing so, unafraid of other's judgment and completely free to be you.


We are spending two full days in the most nourishing, beautiful and luscious surroundings of Yoga Scheune in Meilen – a wooden half-open Yoga Shala in the midst of the Meilemer Tobel, surrounded by trees, a wonderful creek and many of nature's souls.

Everything is possible, but nothing is expected from you.

A safe space to be seen, witnessed, loved and held in the arms of the feminine and other women.

wild feminine heart is for you if you
  • are ready to radically come back home into your body, heart and feminine essence

  • are yearning to drop deep into your feminine wisdom & self, getting in touch with and honoring who you are as a woman

  • desire to speak your authentic truth without fear of judgment

  • want to be all of you – without holding back

  • are yearning to be held in a safe space to finally come back to your heart, open wide and feel again

  • want to put your feet into the soil, feel rooted and grounded

  • open yourself up to pleasure & sensuality

  • desire to be soft, wild, sexy, holy, fierce, angry, strong, soft, sad – explore your facets and allow yourself to live them fully

  • yearn to experience a deep, inner sense of wholeness

  • want to spent nourishing and transformative days in one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland in nourishing sisterhood

Nourishing morning practices

Wild feminine | woman archetype invocation

feminine embodiment & energy activations

heart-connection rituals

healing sessions

throat-chakra activation

sensual dance

Tantric Sisterhood Rituals

self-inquiry & time for yourself

ceremonial cacao & much more
Image by Annie Spratt
2 day non-residential retreat

CHF 497.-

Pre-Sale CHF 350.- until 31.3.23

Early bird CHF 420.- until 15.5.23

Includes two full days of classes, two nourishing vegetarian or vegan lunches, unlimited tap water, tea + snacks. Please note that this is a non-residential retreat, there is no accomodation included. If you are travelling from outside Switzerland and need an accomodation, please let us know, we are happy to share our suggestions.

The first day can be booked as a single day

Maximum 13 women
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