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Saturday + Sunday, 15 + 16 july 2023

Wild Feminine Heart is a 2-day non-residential retreat for women who desire to drop deep into their bodies, coming back home to their innate feminine wisdom and essence, whilst deepening into their heart's mystery, expression and radiance.

These two days within the lush and unique environment of Yoga Scheune in Meilen are an invitation for you to soften back into your natural essence, body, and heart. Descending into your body, womb and hips, soft swirling into your sensual self, reclaiming and remembering the power of your feminine essence and heart.


You will be invited into a deep journey back home to yourself, your femininity, body, and heart. Being able to truly reside in your body, feeling safe doing so and opening to the wonder, juiciness, and sensuality of your relationship to your body. Letting go of to do's, masculine striving and pushing forward, and embracing the depth and quality of your beingness – hint: it doesn't mean that you are passive, but wildly alive.

You will be invited to deepen into your heart, feel the nuanced layers of your emotions and the tonality of your heart space. Learning to open the heart wide, whilst honoring your boundaries and offering your wild feminine heart as a gift to the world – and being emotionally refined and mature in doing so.


Wild Feminine Heart is a safe space to soften, nourish & release the shields around your heart to reclaim your innate feminine wisdom residing deep within.


We are spending two full days in the most nourishing, beautiful and luscious surroundings of Yoga Scheune in Meilen – a wooden half-open Yoga Shala in the midst of the Meilemer Tobel, surrounded by trees, a wonderful creek and many of nature's souls.

Everything is possible, but nothing is expected from you.

A safe space to be seen, witnessed, loved and held in the arms of the feminine and other women.

wild feminine heart is for you if you
  • are yearning to radically come back home to your body, heart & feminine self

  • want to learn how to drop into + cultivate a relationship with your body, womb and sensual self

  • desire to be fully embodied and learn how to move out of masculine over-drive, being in your head to fully inhabiting your body

  • desire to reclaim your sensuality, radiance and life-giving energy as a woman

  • want to let go of masculine striving, pushing forward and hustling but embracing the feminine foundation of beingness

  • are ready to let go of shields and armours around your heart, creating the safety and mastery to open your heart wide

  • want to learn how to hold yourself more in your emotions, and communicate them with ease

  • are ready to identify pieces of shielding, shutting down

  • desire to live life fully from your wide open and wild feminine heart + essence

  • want to spent nourishing and transformative days in one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland in nourishing sisterhood

day 1 – descending into the body
Stephanie 097.jpg
  • Womb Connection Ritual + Practice

  • Feminine Embodiment + Sensual Dance

  • How to take your embodiment onto a deeper level + embody different feminine flavors (archetypes)

  • Tao-Tantric Practices to tap into your sexual energy + sensuality

  • Tantric Sisterhood Rituals + circle

  • Living from beingness + your feminine essence

Image by Kelly Sikkema
  • Heart-Activation practice through breath, meditation and breastmassage

  • Tuning into the flavor and tonality of your heart

  • Practicing self-holding and emotional refinement

  • How to offer the truth of your heart as a gift to the world

  • Communication of the heart + feminine maturity

Both of our days include nourishing morning rituals, sharing circles and enough time for self-inquiry.

2 day non-residential retreat

CHF 520.-

Pre-Sale CHF 350.- until 31.3.23

Early bird CHF 420.- until 31.5.23

Includes two full days of classes, two nourishing vegetarian or vegan lunches, unlimited tap water, tea + snacks. Please note that this is a non-residential retreat, there is no accomodation included. If you are travelling from outside Switzerland and need an accomodation, please let us know, we are happy to share our suggestions.

The first day can be booked as a single day.

Maximum 15 women
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