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When we talk about rewilding the feminine, we don't talk about what society persumes as wild.

We talk about women coming back to their innate feminine nature.

Connected to your body

Open in your heart

Wide in your hips

Raw in your jaw + throat

The wild feminine embodied is the woman who truly is herself, all of herself, in her feminine essence.

17 July 2022


The Wild Feminine Day Retreat is for the woman who feels disconnected from her femininity, struggles truly loving her body, feels guilt and shame around her sexuality + trapped in the good girl archetype and is so ready to break free and finally embrace all of that she is:


Heart wide open

Feeling it all

Opening to it all

Sensually embodied

Turned-on by your own presence

Speaking your truth

Sharing your essence

Wild, untamed



9.30-9.45 arrival

☽ Opening Circle + Attunement

☽ Intention Setting

🐺 Wild Woman Archetype Wisdom Activation

🌖 Womb Activation

🌹 Wild Woman Embodiment

Stephanie will guide you through a series of embodiment practices to attune to the wild woman within. Expect feminine embodiment with non-linear movement, sound, breath + visualisation.

🤍 Untamed Heart + Throat Activation

Re-connect with your wild feminine heart and learn how to create emotional balance, stability + healthy expression and release.



🌹 Pleasure Body

Pleasure, sensitivity + intuition are a big part of the wild feminine. Reclaim her through sensual dance, twerking + more juicy stuff.

🤍 Wild Woman Ceremony

A ceremony to integrate what you've learned, release any aspects of the good girl and feel more free, sensual and open than ever.

☽ Closing Circle


CHF 257

includes all classes, lunch as well as snacks & water

Within this save environment at the beautiful Yoga Scheune in Meilen, located in the midst of nature, you will have the chance to tear down walls of social conditionings, what a woman has to be, do and have.


You will be able to re-write your story and tap into your full feminine power. This retreat is not about learning new techniques which will once more add to your to-do lists, but tools you can easily integrate into your daily life and become your most radiant and captivating version of yourself and find your very own expression of the feminine.

Are you ready for this? I can't wait for you to join us!

If you are a student or financially struggling please come talk to me.

Also, if you like to join only one day.