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The Veil is thin

Darkness has arrived, is calling us home, within, slowing down

A night that symbolizes how beautiful endings can be, embracing the Life-Death-Life cycle

Dark, fertile soil, the Dark Goddess Archetype

We call upon her, as you come back home to yourself, returning to your heart + soul, in stillness and darkness,

connecting to the ones that came before you,

the magic, the mystery; YOUR FEMININE POTENCY.

You are invited to an evening full of magic, dark feminine energy and mystical ritual, tapping deep into the energies of Samhain, it's connection to the feminine and your very own spiritual and psychic powers.

Tuesday, 31 October 2023, 19.30
Studio Zurich

The darkness has arrived.


A time for introspection, stillness and further release.


A moment where the veil is thin, you ancestors close.


Samhain means summer’s end, and is located between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.
A time to slow down, turn inwards and get comfortable with the darkness that will soon fold us in a velvety embrace.

One of the rare days of the year where the veil is thin, and we are invited to tap into your feminine psychic powers and spirituality to connect to the world behind the veil.

Join us for a very special Samhain Ceremony in Zurich:

Stephanie will guide you through a beautiful, witchy and magick Samhain ceremony where you’ll come to rest, fully release and let go, learn to embrace stillness and connect to your ancestors. It’s a beautiful time of the year to tap into your psychic powers as a woman – every woman has them - and connect to the Dark Goddess Archetype. Our special guest, Carina Iten from tendermind, will guide you through a powerful Reiki Meditation.

about our evening

Stephanie will open the circle with a Samhain invocation, where you get to connect back to yourself, set powerful intentions for this special night and bring your contribution to the altar. You will learn more about the meaning and significance of Samhain and learn how to connect to the subtle energies around you and behind what is tangible and to be explained with the mind.

After setting the tone and already tuning into yourself, Carina from tendermind will guide you through a powerful Reiki Meditation which will bring you back into deep connection with yourself. This meditation is created to give you the best possible rest and regeneration, helping you to move from the head into the body and thus to dive into a deeply transformative relaxation, where you can draw strength, clarity and energy for everyday life. In the meditation we work with our breath and our visualization power to release any blockages and tensions and balance as well as strenghten your chakras.

Through this powerful meditation, you'll arrive in a state of deep connection to self, opening up your channels to tap into the mystic, magical and deeply feminine space we'll open together. Stephanie will guide you into embodiment and a Theta meditation, to connect with your ancestors, tap into your psychic knowing and spiritual energies.

What the evening will also include: Dark Goddess archetypal wisdom, Life-Death-Life cycle explanation and release ritual, Oracle card reading, Sharing

Arrival + welcome

Altar preparation

Samhain invocation + teachings on the meaning of samhain

reiki meditation with tendermind

Ritual to connect to the spiritual realm + your ancestors and strenghten your feminine energetics

dark goddess Teachings + introduction to the life/death/life cycle including ritual

closing ritual

Carina Iten from tendermind is a Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and Reiki Master

More about Carina


Stephanie is Feminine Embodiment teacher and Women's Mentor

join us

Regular Admission: CHF 110

Supported Admission: CHF 85*

*for women with an income below CHF 3'000

This event is part of the Sacred Circle. Join with your circle pass or get a circle pass to save money and join several events.

Limited capacity | Group of 12 women

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