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Hi my love

and welcome to the Sacred Circle.

This page is our very secret site where I share with you all the information that you need during our time together. Please always refer to this site first before inquiring about event details.

Feel free to bring any other questions to the Telegram group. Private Whatsapp or Instagram messages will not be answered.




Every third Wednesday of the month, 8pm

Wednesday, 18 May

Wednesday, 15 June

Wednesday, 20 July

Wednesday, 17 August

Special Excursion

Saturday, 13 August to Emma Kunz Cave in Würenlos - afternoon

Yoga Scheune Day Retreat Bonus

You get 20% off any Yoga Scheune Day (or half-day) retreat of 2022 with the code SACRED CIRCLE.

Administration and information



We meet once per month for a deep dive immersion. We share a Telegram chat for you to share anything that is coming up, connect to like-minded women and dive into sisterhood.

where to find event details


This site is designed to give you all the information you need for each immersion. Simply scroll down and find the information - where, what, when, what to bring + wear - for each immersion. Two days before each event, Stephanie will send a short message in the Telegramgroup on each event. Please note that due to the feminine nature of this container, it is possible that Stephanie will adapt the content of an immersion or choose another location that she'll feel better fit for the current energetics. Locations that are outside of Zurich (within 30min reach) will always be communicated one month in advance so you can plan. There will be no emails sent on the events.



Our telegram group opens with our opening immersion on 18 May and is here for you to exchange with your sisters, ask questions and share your processes. Important: This space is not to receive 1:1 mentoring from Stephanie, but rather connect with like-minded women and receive guidance + nourishment throughout the months. Stephanie will also share important information for the group in this container. As soon as you've sign up, join the Telegram group here: https://t.me/+WXsJoH0Qy2lhYTU0





In any case, please let me know 48hours in advance if you cannot join an immersion. Missed immersions cannot be replaced due to the nature of this offering.

Beautiful Nature
New moon, béltane + walpurgisnacht opening ceremony
womanhood immersion

A deep dive into what it means to be a woman - for you. Feminine Embodiment, Feminine Archetypes + a deeply healing ThetaHealing® group session.

full moon fire ceremony in the enchanting forest

18 May: Ceremony of Sacredness + the Feminine


Our opening immersion is a ceremony into the sacred + feminine. We'll open the space by bringing the sacred into palapable form, being able to touch it, feel it and infuse sacredness into every part of our beings + lives. We'll then deep dive into the question what it actually means to be a woman. We'll explore through embodiment, archetypes and shamanic journeys and have a powerful ThetaHealing® group session to release all the beliefs, negative associations and shoulds around what you have to be as a woman, so we can recover feminine sacredness and wholeness. Expect to set intentions for the journey to come and tapping into the potent eclipse energies.


- Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move
- Your journal + something to write
- A symbol for your femininity

- A symbol for sacredness

- A beautiful bowl (cereal bowl size) that can be filled with water

- Flowers, crystals or whatever you like for our altar (you can take this back home with you)
- A bottle of your drink of choice (water, tea)
- Optional: your yoga mat or a big towel for the studio mat


Wednesday, 18 May, 20.00, Intoku Studio, Vulkanstrasse 102 in Zurich-Altstetten

15 June: Full Moon Fire Release Ceremony


It's time to let things burn, baby. A rich ritual in the forest, to release, let go, shed those layers and immerse into the powerful energy of ritual.


- Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move and are not afraid to get dirty
- Your journal + something to write
- A fire-proof bowl and some paper that you feel okay burning
- A bottle of your drink of choice (water, tea)
- Something to sit on


Wednesday, 15 June, 20.oo, Wald Käferberg (exact location will be confirmed a week before the event)

feminine archetypes at yoga scheune

A deep exploration of feminine archetypes, your journey as a feminine essence being and a deep invitation to move through the rites of passages of womanhood.

emma kunz grotte.jpg
emma kunz cave special excursion

On the day of the Full Moon we gather and travel to the Emma Kunz Cave in Würenlos, a deeply spiritual + energetic place. Includes a deep dive meditation + time to explore the site.

goddess invocation immersion