an in-person sisterhood where women gather for monthly deep dive immersions into the feminine

a portal to  follow your deep calling for more ritual, more nature and more femininity + sacredness


I see you, goddess.

Since years I've been holding space for women like you. Creating women's circles, embodiment workshops, Yoni Egg initiations and beautiful retreats. After having ventured more into the online realms, I felt the deep calling to create a beautiful sisterhood here in Switzerland.

My intention is to create a safe, expansive + sacred space for women like you to gather once a month. A space where you can truly + fully immerese yourself into different aspects of the feminine, spirituality + sisterhood. A place where your yearning for ritual, the sacred and pure magic is being met.

As I've felt the healing powers of comitting to a process and group many times, the Sacred Circle is only open for women who join for a minimum of 3 immersions. This consistency will allow us to go really deep + support your evolution even more.

I am bringing in my love (and before purpose work experience) for creating exceptional events and experiences, so no immersion will be the same.

We meet once a month for a 2,5 hour immersion. You will have a Telegram chat to connect with each other and extend the nourishment from our circle as well as to receive healing and inspirational content from me.

What to expect

  • Expansive New Moon rituals at the water

  • Full Moon Fire ceremonies in the forest

  • Equinox, Solstice + more ceremonies

  • Sensual dance + embodiment nights

  • Sisterhood Wound Healing Circles

  • Exploring feminine archetypes + deities

  • Themed workshop on love, business + living from the feminine

  • Group Healing circles
    ... and much more 🥰✨


Yoga Scheune Day Retreat

You get 20% off any Yoga Scheune Day (or half-day) retreat of 2022. When signing up for the Sacred Circle you receive a coupon that you can use for what you desire to join.

the sacred circle is

🌹 a sisterhood collective where we gather for monthly in-person deep dive immersions into the feminine for the woman who wants to have a constant portal to connect to her femininity, nourish herself and tap deeper into her feminine essence

🌹 a space where you get to immerse yourself into all things magical, witchy, fairy-tale and earth-changing that make your heart skip a beat and bring you the feeling of innate belonging

🌹 the space to be held in real sisterhood, cultivate it and heal the wounding amonst women

🌹 a safe space for your healing + growth


The Sacred Circle is for you if you

  • crave for a space where you can gather regularly in person and be led in rituals, practices and themes of the feminine

  • want to tap deeper into your feminine essence and have a safe space to do so

  • yearn for real-life sisterhood and exchange with like-minded women

  • are ready to make a committment to your well-being, feminine nature + the group of women you share the space with

This space is not for you if you are unwilling to make a committment and clear investment of your time and energy. Women who want to stay on the surface of femininity or not bring theory into practice as well as lack self-responsiblity will not be well suited for this space.

Beautiful Nature
New moon, béltane + walpurgisnacht opening ceremony
womanhood immersion

A deep dive into what it means to be a woman - for you. Feminine Embodiment, Feminine Archetypes + a deeply healing ThetaHealing® group session.

full moon fire ceremony in the enchanting forest

Sounds like a full-body yes?


Opening Ceremony

Saturday, 30 April ☽ 14-17.00


Every third Wednesday of the month, 8pm

Wednesday, 18 May

Wednesday, 15 June

Wednesday, 20 July

Wednesday, 17 August

Special Excursion

Saturday, 13 August


Thursday, 20 October
Monday, 31 October - Samhain Ceremony

Thursday, 17 November

BONUS: Wednesday, 21 December - Rauhnächte Portal

Please note that some dates might slightly change due to the nature of the group.

what's included

Monthly 2,5hr in-person immersions in Zurich + surroundings

A space for your healing, transformation  + nourishment

Exciting changing venues + locations with all that you need for your journey

A group telegram chat for connection with your fellow sisters

Membership Options

Full Membership (8 immersions)

Pay in full: CHF 555

Payment Plan: 8 easy monthly payments of CHF 70

Half Membership (4 immersions)

Pay in full: CHF 333

Tasting Membership (3 immersions)

Pay in full: CHF 277

⇢ It is possible to join one immersion for the price of CHF 120.- and then decide if you want to go for the Membership

⇢ If you earn less then CHF 3'500 per month you have the chance to join for a reduced fare. If this is the case, please send me an email.

all memberships

feminine archetypes at yoga scheune

A deep exploration of feminine archetypes, your journey as a feminine essence being and a deep invitation to move through the rites of passages of womanhood.

emma kunz grotte.jpg
emma kunz cave special excursion

On the day of the Full Moon we gather and travel to the Emma Kunz Cave in Würenlos, a deeply spiritual + energetic place. Includes a deep dive meditation + time to explore the site.

goddess invocation immersion