monthly in-person immersions for women interested in ritual & the divine feminine

a portal to  follow your deep calling for more ritual, more nature and more femininity + sacredness


Hi, beautiful woman.

Since years I've been holding space for women like you. Creating women's circles, embodiment workshops, Yoni Egg initiations and beautiful retreats. After having ventured more into the online realms, I felt the deep calling to create a beautiful sisterhood here in Switzerland.

My intention is to create a safe, expansive + sacred space for women like you to gather once a month. A space where you can truly + fully immerese yourself into different aspects of the feminine, spirituality + sisterhood. A place where your yearning for ritual, the sacred and pure magic is being met.

As I've felt the healing powers of comitting to a process and group many times, I invite you to join Sacred Circle for a minimum of 3 immersions. The consistency will allow us to go really deep + support your evolution even more. If you know you can only join a single immersions, you are of course also welcome in our space.

I am bringing in my love and pre-purpose work experience for creating exceptional events and experiences, so no immersion will be the same.

We meet once a month for 2,5-3 hour immersions. You will have a Telegram chat to connect with each other and extend the nourishment from our circle as well as to receive healing and inspirational content from me.

the sacred circle is

🌹 a sisterhood collective where we gather for monthly in-person deep dive immersions into the feminine for the woman who wants to have a constant portal to connect to her femininity, nourish herself and tap deeper into her feminine essence

🌹 a space where you get to immerse yourself into all things magical, witchy, fairy-tale and earth-changing that make your heart skip a beat and bring you the feeling of innate belonging with other women

🌹 here to create a safe environment and supports you to come as you are - for every woman, no matter what age, ethnical background and financial status

The Sacred Circle is for you if you

  • crave for a space where you can gather regularly in person and be led in rituals, practices and themes of the feminine

  • want to tap deeper into your feminine essence and have a safe space to do so

  • love New Moon, Equinox + all the other witchy rituals and are looking for a space to be guided in those

  • yearn for real-life sisterhood and exchange with like-minded women

  • are ready to make a committment to your well-being, feminine nature + the group of women you share the space with

This space is not for you if you are unwilling to make a committment and clear investment of your time and energy. Women who want to stay on the surface of femininity or not bring theory into practice as well as lack self-responsiblity will not be well suited for this space.

autumn schedule

Equinox Ceremony at "Kraftort" Forchdenkmal

Saturday, 24th September 2022, 15.00 Uhr at Forchdenkmal

Two hour ceremony with following potluck dinner for the woman who desires to stay longer and bask in the energy of harvest, abundance and completion.


Autumn Woman who run with the Wolves Journey at Türlersee

Sunday, 23rd of October, 15.00 Uhr

A three hour journey around Türlersee, into the energetics of autumn, the wild feminine archetype, accompanied by readings of Women who run with the wolves and concluded with a healing circle. The women who want are being invited to stay longer and gather with cacao, nourishing cakes + more.


Samhain Ceremony

Monday, 31th of October, 19.30 Uhr, indoors


Embracing Stillness + Preparing for Winter: Emma Kunz Cave Excursion

Saturday, 19th of November, 14.00 Uhr, at Emma Kunz Cave

We are travelling to the Emma Kunz Cave located close to Zurich. We'll be able to spend 30minutes privately in the Emma Kunz Cave, where you'll be guided into deep inner trance, connection and experience the highly cosmic energy available in this space. We'll then gather outside for further practices.


Winter Solstice + Rauhnächte Portal Opening Immersion

Wednesday, 21st of December, 20.00, indoors - depending on our circles availability this might be moved online


Sounds like a full-body yes?

Upcoming Dates

Autumn Winter 22 Schedule

Saturday, 24th September 2022, 15.00

Sunday, 23rd of October, 15.00

Monday, 31th of October, 19.30

Saturday, 19th of November, 14.00

Wednesday, 21st of December, 20.00

Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance can not be considered.

what's included

Monthly 2,5hr in-person immersions in Zurich + surroundings

A space for your healing, transformation  + nourishment

Exciting changing venues + locations with all that you need for your journey

A group telegram chat for connection with your fellow sisters

Membership Options

5-Circle Pass

Pay in full: CHF 497

3-Circle Pass

Pay in full: CHF 333

Single Ticket

CHF 157

This is an intimate group of 12 women.

⇢ Payment plans are provided upon request

⇢ If you earn less then CHF 3'000 per month you can join for a reduced fare. If this is you, please send me an email.

safe money + get a 3- or 5-circle pass

for CHF 157


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