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Welcome home, beautiful woman

Do you yearn for a safe space where you can let down your guards, everyday stress and over-masculine hustle mode and come back to yourself and drop deep into your feminine essence?


Do you yearn for a deeper connection with your body, femininity, self?


Do you need more nutrients, nourishment and rejuvenation in your everyday life and know how deeply nourishing ritual, circle + practice are for you?

The Sacred Circle is your safe space to tune out of the ou


Our sacred sisterhood is an on-going in-person membership for feminine practice, expansion, nourishment and real lived sisterhood.

We gather monthly in-person in Zurich (and surroundings) for nourishing moon circles and expansive immersions.

Let's learn more


Monthly Women's Healing Circles

every month we gather for a deeply moving, transformative and feminine Women's Healing Circle (90-120min). Monthly changing themes and deep dives. Guaranteed are a minimum of 10 circles per year.

Seasonal Ceremonies

the Sacred Circle gathers for beautiful, rich and nourishing seasonal ceremonies according to the wheel of the year, which are usually both Equinox', Solstices & Samhain. Guaranteed are a minimum of 3 ceremonies per year.

Access to the "Goddess Vault"

a living library with tools, rituals + practices usually only open to Stephanie's 1:1 clients

Telegram Group space for exchange and intuitive guidance + energy updates from Stephanie
Rauhnächte Journey (valued at CHF 111) and 20% on all other in-person offerings

Sounds like exactly what you need?

here are the options to join us
full year membership

Join all events that take place within the calendar year, receive all the ressources, sisterhood space + bonuses.

CHF 750

half year membership

Join 6 events that take place within the calendar year, receive all the ressources, sisterhood space + bonuses.

CHF 420

3-circle pass

Join 3 events that take place within the calendar year + receive the connected ressources.

CHF 210

join a single circle

Whenever you desire – no strings attached

price ranges from CHF 77 to 120

There are payment plans available on the sign out page. If you need another specific payment plan, please reach out to me via email.

The sacred circle is an intimate space of 12 women.

6 / 12 spots are taken as of April 2023


The Sacred circle is for the woman

  • yearning to tap deeper into her feminine essence and often struggling with falling out of her feminine energy in her everyday life

  • wanting more accountability + consistency in her feminine practice, lunar rituals and self-nourishment routine

  • desiring to feel more nourished, grounded + connected to self

  • wanting to explore and embrace more parts of her femininity + herself, owning her truth and stepping into her multifaceted expression

  • possibly struggling with finding like-minded women or with sisterhood wounding and yearning  for real-life sisterhood and exchange with like-minded women

  • ready to make a committment to herself, her nourishment + the other women in the circle

The Sacred Circle is open for any woman of any age, ethical background and financial status who desires to be held in a safe space, heal triggers in connection with other women and nurther the connection to herself and her femininity.


Not sure if this is for you?

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