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Hi love – welcome to the Sacred Circle

The Sacred Circle is our on-going membership for all in-person healing circles and seasonal ceremonies.


A sacred sisterhood for feminine practice, ritual and nourishment.

By joining the membership, you get access to all in-person immersions, ceremonies and receive some extra goodies along the way.

The intention behind the Sacred Circle is to provide a space for women to go deeper, not only in their practice, but through committing to journeying with a group of other women, being able to deepen the relationship with them, creating real-lifed sisterhood and establishing more safety, trust and a feeling of relaxation to do the deep work that we are focusing on in the women's healing circles.

Every woman yearns for a safe space to come back home to herself, surrender into her feminine and relax into the nourishing embrace of real-life sisterhood. A place to be held, guided and nourished after a full day of fast-paced living.
This is what the Sacred Circle offers. One full year, every month. In-person.

The Sacred Circle is a full year and on going Women's Circle with in-person immersions + circles in the realms of feminine practice, deep nourishment, ritual + sisterhood.

Ever so often, I see how difficult it is for women to put themselves first, to actually take time out of their busy schedule and allow themselves to drop back into their feminine.


Having led countless Women's Circles and immersions on the feminine, I wanted to create something of more substance and sustainability for women desiring to not only receive nourishment for their soul but also changing the way they move through life. There is so much beauty in having a consistent group of women who come together time and time again, which allows us to go deeper everytime.


With our membership options, we encourage deep transformation, intimacy, safety and even deeper connections – and leave room for women who want to be more spontaneous and free flowing.


Members join the monthly in-person immersions, as well as receive supportive ressources and rituals every month and get to connect with the other women in our own Telegram Channel and have wonderful bonuses like 20% on retreats, the Rauhnächte Journey + more goodies included.

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