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The Priestess Journey: A 3 Month Advanced Practitioner Journey for women yearning to go deeper into their feminine path, embodiment and expression & get initiatied into their feminine power, potency and mysticism.

Co-Hort Winter 2023

December 2023 – February 2024


The Priestess Journey is a 3 month intensive journey into your feminine power, potency and mysticism. This program is an initiation into the Priestess Archetype, your spiritual gifts and deeper nuances and layers of your femininity, brining forth deeper power, potency and inner clarity of who you are as a woman and how you move through this world.


The focus of this very visceral, somatic and intrinsic experience is creating pristine inner clarity, alignment of heart-womb-mind (third eye, crown, spirit), activation of your psychic gifts and cultivating innate wholeness, power and strength as a woman.


Journeying through the three most potent and magical months of the years and using the tradition and rites of the Rauhnächte, you’ll be initiated into moving past the veil, into the spiritual world, unlocking your own abilities to connect with spirit, be guided by it and create through it.


This is a deep & powerful initiation into your next level power, holding the potency of what it means to be a woman through embodying deeper layers of your feminine essence. An invitation and initiation to be felt, experienced, and explored.

The Priestess cultivates
  • crystal clear, pristine inner clarity

  • a strong and powerful Womb-Heart-Mind connection

  • communion with her inner wisdom, her gifts and the awareness of her potency

  • a connection to the world beyond the veil, where she receives guidance and support

  • wholeness as a woman and feminine essence being

  • awareness of her strength, power and potency, away from people pleasing and staying small

  • a strong spine, inner wholeness and power

  • her unique Priestess template

This journey is for you, if you
  • are ready to step into deeper inner power, wisdom and potency

  • desire to align your heart with your womb, and your womb with your spirit/mind

  • know now is the time to finally create & cultivate pristine inner clarity

  • want to trust your intuition without doubt

  • want to tap into your spiritual and psychic gifts

  • want to cultivate deeper & more embodied feminine leadership, in every area of your life

  • feel pulled towards the magical, mystical, deep feminine magic that goes beyond words

What our time together includes & you will learn
  • how to tap into and align your Womb-Heart-Mind connection & deepen your connection to each channel

  • how to cultivate and hold the pole of
    pristine inner clarity

  • upholding personal power and not collapsing/shrinking

  • connecting with and deepening into your inner oracle & wisdom, learning to trust it's wisdom

  • activating and honing your psychic gifts and learning how to tap into them, connect with the spiritual world

  • deepening into the sacred feminine arts, going beyond the mundane and understandable

  • erecting into bolder power, potency and strenght, resulting in a new level of feminine leadership


The Journey + Details

The Priestess Journey is a 3-Month Program that is held both In-Person in Zurich, and for the first time this year, also with an Online Group so you can join from all over the world.

This is a very practical, somatic and visceral program, where you will get to know the Priestess energetics and learn how to tap into your feminine power, potency and mysticism in our practice-based immersion, which are the centerpiece of our journey together. I want each and every woman to feel and experience, rather than understand with the mind. This is an advanced pracitioner journey for women who already have experience in connecting to their feminine and different practices like embodiment, meditation, tao-tantra, etc.

  • 3 live Immersions (Workshop) of each 3 hours

  • Online Co-Hort between the Rauhnächte (for both in-person and online co-horts)

  • One 60min 1:1 Session for your individual support during the time of our journey

  • Homework assignments + rituals

  • Listening + practice partner

  • Telegram group chat for support

3 Months, 3 live Deep Dive Immersions, 3 Initiations

In-Person Group


Sunday, 17 December 2023, 17.30-20.30

– Online Co-Hort between Rauhnächte: 27 December & 10 January, 20.30-21.30

Saturday, 20 January 2024, 17.30-20.30

Sunday, 25 February 2024, 16.30-19.30



for your individual support during the time of our journey


Homework assignments + rituals

Listening + practice partner

Telegram group chat for support

Om Yoga, Wallisellen Zürich

Online Group


Wednesday, 20 December, 5-8pm CEST

– Online Co-Hort between Rauhnächte: 27 December & 10 January, 8.30-9.30pm CEST

Wednesday, 24 January, 2024 8-11pm CEST

Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 5-8pm CEST

* all with recordings



for your individual support during the time of our journey


Homework assignments + rituals

Listening + practice partner

Telegram group chat for support

Tuition: CHF 750


paid in full or with 3 monthly installments of CHF 250. One scholarship available for a woman with an income below CHF 3'000 or in exchange for setting up the space for in-person, and one scholarship for the online co-hort, each CHF 350.

Intimate group of 10 women maximum.

Regular booking and cancellation policy applies.


Hello, beautiful

My name is Stephanie and I am a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Teacher and ThetaHealer®.

Since ever, I am fascinated by the Priestess, and she has been calling me ever since I started my journey into feminine descent and rememberance 8 years ago. The Priestess, the Mystic, the Healer – I know I've been her in many lives passed. And I know you have been too.

There are many things about the feminine that cannot be put into word, and experiencing your own magic whilst sitting in a circle of women cultivating feminine mysticism, power and potency – nothing will ever beat that for me. I am excited to be your guide on this journey of pure magic and visceral rememberance.

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