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embrace her

awaken her

go deeper than ever before

become a walking prayer

your relationship to your feminine a daily ritual

your heart bloomed open

your essence embodied

your womb, heart + crown connected

The Priestess Journey is a one year advanced practicioner journey for women who desire to deepen into their feminine essence to access the depth of their hearts, become authentically embodied and be activated in their sensual, authentic, feminine expression.

Tap into the magic, mystery and gifts of your pure feminine essence,
Be the woman you came here to be,
Embody her.

The Priestess Journey is a full-year immersion for women who desire to deepen into their femininity in a very applied, practical way. You want to have in-person immersions where you are being led into deep practices and have assignments to take home to deepen into practice.

Feminine energy is more to you than putting on another perfomance and you desire to fully embrace your very own, unique feminine essence and integrate her into every aspect of your life.

You want to be able to stay embodied, soft hearted and connected to your sensual juiciness not matter how wild your job in the corporate world is getting, how dissatisfied you are with your partner and how dried out you feel in the moment.

You desire to take your embodiment, self + practice way deeper.


The Priestess Journey is a 12-Month Program and runs from January 2023 to January 2024

Our time together is divided into 4 modules. The group is kept intimate with a maximum of 10 women.

1 | Descent

Radical descent. Darkness. Womb. Arriving in the body.

Start your journey through the pathway of descent, radically coming back into your body, yin energy and feminine essence. We use the energy of winter + its mysticsm to tune out to tune in and come into deep rooted foundation within our bodies.

2 | Unfurl

Unfurling into the deliciousness of your feminine energetics. Maiden + Love. Sensual awakening.

Let the feminine move through your body and tap into your sensuality in a new + nuanced way.

3 | bloom

Wild Woman. Throat. Open. Expressed.

Open your heart wider than ever before and experience pure bliss and emotional mastery. Go deeper in opening your throat chakra beyond what you thoughts is possible and in owning your truth. We tap into the archetype of the wild woman, and the woman in full bloom and take it a level deeper.

4 | crowne

Darkness. Depth. Psychic. Priestess.

Let yourself be led by the energy of the year and embrace the darker energies of the feminine. Learn to tune into your psychic + intuitive gifts and go beyond what you thought is possible. We close our time together connecting womb, heart, yoni + third eye in the most majestic way possible.


Stephanie is Feminine Embodiment teacher and Women's Mentor


Regular Admission: CHF 1'500

Early Bird Admission until 12.12.22: CHF 1'111

Pre-Sale for Waitlist until 11.12.22: CHF 960

Limited capacity | Group of 10 women

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