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The significance of breastmassage for women

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Breastmassage is one of the most ancient and powerful tools for women – yet long forgotten in our modern world. Breast care is essential for women on every level: It enhances a woman’s physical, emotional and sensual well-being. Breasts are not only the extension of our heart and the gateway to the female orgasm – as thaught in Tao-Tantric tradition – but also deeply connected to the endocrine glands, lymphatic system and the meridians.

When did a coach or self-love mentor ever tell you to touch your breasts?

Probably never. Am I right?

Most of our spiritual teachings and self-love chores are still highly influenced by patriarchy. Women are still being kept far, far away from the ancient wisdom & rituals that actually would enhance their wellbeing and POWER 1000fold.

Breastmassage is one of those rituals.

Every woman needs to have a healthy and sensual relationship with her breasts. Having a regular breastmassage practice it is crucial for her well-being.

Breasts are the visible extension of the heart ♡ For women, breasts are their positive – giving – pole, as for men it is their penis. Women give from the heart and receive through the yoni. Women are prone to over-give and over-nurture the outside, instead of directing the energy inwards. Breastmassage is a beautiful tool to open up the walls you have built around our heart to protect yourself, and to access deeper levels of self-love; to finally start giving to yourself. Most women struggle with masculine approaches like “Heart meditations”, because feeling is so important for the feminine.

Also, through massaging your breasts you can create beautiful emotional balance and release stuck emotions. Not only on an energetic and spiritual level – the saying “get it off your chest” makes absolute sense – but also because women’s breasts are connected to the lymphatic system, endocrine glands and the meridians. With the activation of the lymphatic system we support detoxification, release of toxins and an enhanced blood flow. The endocrine glands are responsible for the production of hormones. With massaging our breasts, we support both bodily systems doing their work and detoxing and balancing our system.

Last but not least, several meridians are moving through our breasts: the conception vessel, kidney meridian, stomach meridian, spleen meridian, gall bladder, heart and pericardium meridian. All of these meridians have an important job in our health and well-being and being stimulated, support an overall health.

Breastmassage truly is an all round self-care ritual for women.

Minke de Vos explains it beautifully in her book Tao Tantric Arts for Women: “Taking good care of your breasts and preventing stagnation is vital for our emotional, energetic and physical health and well-being”. Breastmassage also enhances our pleasure center (our cervix is connected to the heart) and allows us to receive pleasure on every level, become more receptive and relaxed in our feminine energy.

Breastmassage opens the portal to feel

Breastmassage opens the portal to heal

Breastmassage opens the portal to truly be

Breastmassage opens the portal to deep surrender

Breastmassage opens the portal to receive

Breastmassage opens the portal to sensual pleasure

Breastmassage opens the portal to seeing your innate worth

Breastmassage opens the portal to deep fulfillment

Breastmassage opens the portal to emotional freedom & life itself

Here is an easy ritual for you to try: Rub your hands together to create heat. Place them over your breasts. Bring your focus and intention into your body and breasts. Start moving your hands up around your breasts with inhaling, and down around while exhaling. Minimum number is 36 circles but I always say: do what feels good, yummie and pleasurable!

Comment below how you experience breastmassage, I'd love to hear from you 😍


♡ If you live in Switzerland, I invite you to my upcoming Feminine Heart workshop, where you'll learn a nourishing breastmassage practice and experience a nourishing night amongst women. You can learn more & sign up here - limited availability

♡ My 31-day online course Feminine Heart will soon be available for self-study. Stay tuned.

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