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The medicine of autumn

Updated: May 10, 2022

Autumn is calling you to dive deep into your feminine nature, to evoke the gifts of your femininity on a deeper level - the level that transmutes darkness, pain and fear, the level that heals what has to be healed, and lets go of what has to be let go of. No other seasons is as deeply connected to the feminine nature and shows us so beautifully the depth of what it means to truly live in tune with our cyclical nature. As challenging as autumn might be, it holds so much deep medicine. Dive in.

Autumn is the time of transformation, of letting go, death and darkness. It is a season where the cycles of life become so obvious to the bare eye: The trees dressing in their most exquisite, golden-glimmering gowns - until it is ready to let it all go. To die. In order to be reborn. The days are getting shorter, our days are filled with more darkness. We experience Samhain - also known as Halloween (read an article by my dear friend Inés on the true meaning of Samhain) - where the veil becomes thin between the living and the death. From the outward focus in summer, we are drawn inwards. There is more magick, more mysticism than in the weeks and month before.

Autumn and its magick are the embodiment of deep, deep feminine nature.

If we look at autumn and it's characteristics, we get a deeper understanding of the feminine and its medicine. I believe there is no other season which has the potency to awaken a new depth of the feminine nature within women, than autumn.


Autumn showcases beautifully how we are in constant change, the ebb and flows of life. If we look deeper, we can see how autumn illustrates a woman's cyclical nature. You as a woman are deeply connected to all things cycle: The seasons, the moon cycle, the menstrual cycle as well as your very personal cycle of emotions, energy and interests, and all of the four weave in together. On of the most beautiful gifts of the feminine is the ability to flow, to surrender and let herself be taken by all that is. The first step is usually to just accept and embrace: Yes, I am a cyclical being, and my cycle is as long as a moon cycle. For men this is totally different: The masculine flows in a 24hour cycle with the sun. But you, the feminine, you have a longer pathway. Autumn encourages you to embrace your cyclical, rhytmical nature, the fact that what might be good for you one day, doesnt feel nourishing the other. And that you have the authority to change, asses and adjust moment to moment, day by day, season to season.

The reason why so many struggle in autumn is because autumn is asking you to let go of control (shadow feminine aspect), truly tune into your cyclical nature and flow with it. It is asking you to connect to your inner wild woman, the one who is standing so deeply in her own truth that she knows when it's time to let go.

The veil is thin

A big part of embracing your and life's cyclical nature is befriending death and endings. And autumn brings a lot of death with her. Days get shorter, nights get darker. The underworld is more present than ever. On 31 October Samhain is celebrated (read more on my friend