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The feminine art of healing

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A woman in her truest essence is so deeply connected to her feelings, emotions and physical body, that healing becomes her second nature. Unfortunately most women have only learned how to heal like men, leaving women feeling confused, desperate and hurt. It is time to reclaim your feminine wisdom, learn more about acient womens healing rituals and remedies that have been long forgotten and embrace the effortless way of healing that is available to the feminine.

My path to realizing the importance of feminine healing gifts and rituals and actually knowing, embracing and practicing them has been long. There have been years where I tried to overcome constant stomach pain, digestive issues and pms as well as various negative patterns, limiting beliefs and blockages around my self-worth, owning my truth and femininity with masculine practices.

Usually when you start out on our healing journey, you go to a Yoga class, you try out meditation - both masculine practices that are beautiful tools, but not helping women re-connect with who they truly are. You usually get into a constant act of trying to become better, reaching a non-existant finish line of "being healed", over-intellectualizing your problems, spending hours visualizing without feeling nothing. Am I speaking about you?

The feminine heals with re-connecting to her essence: being, embodied, feeling

When a woman re-connects with her feminine essence - being (in the body), feeling (her emotions) and creating (through reclaiming her sexual energy) so much healing is provided by her being rooted in her femininity itself:

  • A woman who is deeply rooted in her body is free of over-thinking, over-intellectualizing, creating worst-case scenarios in her head, and fueling fearful thinking

  • A woman who is deeply connected to her heart and emotions is free from emotional overwhelm, feeling constantly blocked and frustrated, hurting from an accumulation of hurt, pain and anger

  • A women who is deeply connected to her sexual energy is free from any blockages like guilt and shame that prevent her from accessing her powerful creative life-force energy

A women who is deeply connected to her body, emotions and sexuality is fully owning who she is, giving herself value through accepting all that is, all of who she is and allowing herself to be her truest expression in the world. This is healing itself. For generations of female trauma.

The most mind-blowing fact about healing for women is that in fact there is not much doing involved - which is in total alignment to the core essence of the feminine; to just be. I know you might be running around from one session to the other, doing all the things, meditation, yoga, tapping, journaling, more journaling, more this and that. There is nothing wrong with this.