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The feminine art of healing

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

A woman in her truest essence is so deeply connected to her feelings, emotions and physical body, that healing becomes her second nature. Unfortunately most women have only learned how to heal like men, leaving women feeling confused, desperate and hurt. It is time to reclaim your feminine wisdom, learn more about acient womens healing rituals and remedies that have been long forgotten and embrace the effortless way of healing that is available to the feminine.

My path to realizing the importance of feminine healing gifts and rituals and actually knowing, embracing and practicing them has been long. There have been years where I tried to overcome constant stomach pain, digestive issues and pms as well as various negative patterns, limiting beliefs and blockages around my self-worth, owning my truth and femininity with masculine practices.

Usually when you start out on our healing journey, you go to a Yoga class, you try out meditation - both masculine practices that are beautiful tools, but not helping women re-connect with who they truly are. You usually get into a constant act of trying to become better, reaching a non-existant finish line of "being healed", over-intellectualizing your problems, spending hours visualizing without feeling nothing. Am I speaking about you?

The feminine heals with re-connecting to her essence: being, embodied, feeling

When a woman re-connects with her feminine essence - being (in the body), feeling (her emotions) and creating (through reclaiming her sexual energy) so much healing is provided by her being rooted in her femininity itself:

  • A woman who is deeply rooted in her body is free of over-thinking, over-intellectualizing, creating worst-case scenarios in her head, and fueling fearful thinking

  • A woman who is deeply connected to her heart and emotions is free from emotional overwhelm, feeling constantly blocked and frustrated, hurting from an accumulation of hurt, pain and anger

  • A women who is deeply connected to her sexual energy is free from any blockages like guilt and shame that prevent her from accessing her powerful creative life-force energy

A women who is deeply connected to her body, emotions and sexuality is fully owning who she is, giving herself value through accepting all that is, all of who she is and allowing herself to be her truest expression in the world. This is healing itself. For generations of female trauma.

The most mind-blowing fact about healing for women is that in fact there is not much doing involved - which is in total alignment to the core essence of the feminine; to just be. I know you might be running around from one session to the other, doing all the things, meditation, yoga, tapping, journaling, more journaling, more this and that. There is nothing wrong with this. Yet deep profound shifts happen, when you return back to your feminine essence.

Feminine practices are so simple, that our over-intellectualized brains don't even get the idea of doing them. This is why it's important for women to re-connect with ancient feminine wisdom and rituals.

So, if I don't have to do anything, how will I heal then? you might ask - legit.

Here are the steps that I find to be most important for women to experience profound healing:

Return back to the body

The feminine is seated in the lower body. When you are able to bring your energy down into your lower body, the energy is far away from your head where most of your suffering originates from. You can do this through simple hips circles, embodiment practices (I teach my signature practice in this masterclass), free dancing, taking a walk, Yoni Egg practice (I teach this every month online & in person), pleasure wand practices and more. Find what suits you best and you will see that this adds new quality to your life.

Feel your emotions

I cannot say this enough. The feminine drives off her emotions. Healthy and balanced feminine energy equals beeing deeply connected to your emotions. It is a constant flow of feeling, letting go, feeling, letting go, feeling, letting go - an eternal surrender to the sweetness of feelings. This allows you to truly connect to your heart, feel deep joy - because this is on the other side of deep pain and supports you in not having any emotional blockages or accumulated emotions. Breastmassage is a beautiful feminine ritual to connect to your heart.

Become a vessel for all there is

The feminine lives in pure devotion to love, pleasure and all there is. Allow yourself to become open and let all there is flow through you. No attachment, no stories. Usually what hurts the most are the stories we attach to our emotions, to circumstances, how we judge them. The feminine is soft and strong like the water. She lets everything flow through her. Become so empty that you get to feel and let go at the same time.

Expand your pleasure potential

On the other side of pain is pleasure. What would happen if you - instead of focusing on fixing - brought all your attention to open to more pleasure in your life? The simple pleasures of soft sunlight on your skin, your favorite hot chocolate kissing your tongue or a real full-body orgasm. The feminine is so deeply connected to pleasure that you will realize the more you prioritize it, the better you'll get at it. And heal through pleasure.

Get to know ancient feminine rituals & practices

There are so many wonderful tools, rituals and remedies, being invented lifetimes ago by many wise women. I suggest you to open your heart and return back to your innate feminine wisdom and learn to truly take care of yourself as a woman on emotional, physical and energetical level. There are many beautiful practices from Taoist culture, ancient herbal wisdom, indigenious rituals and more you can dive deeper into. The wisdom is endless. Here are a couple of books I recommend: Women who run with the wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estés; Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent; Wild Womans Way - Michaela Boehm.

To close this, there is only one thing I want to land with you again: You don't have to do all the things to heal. All you get to be is rooted in your feminine essence and taking aligned action when you feel called to. Your healing power is within you.

❤ Listen here to an audio lesson from Feminine Heart on seeing healing as a sacred journey.

Over the course of October I'll be sharing weekly a new article on one of my favorite healing tools, rituals & remedies for women. Come back.



Feminine Healing practices you can learn from me:

Feminine Embodiment: Get out of your head and back into your body and reconnect with your feminine intuition and power! Get instant access to the Embodied Woman Masterclass

Breastmassage: Create deep self-love, sensual pleasure & emotional freedom through the ancient practice of breastmassage - stay tuned for the next live round of Feminine Heart

Yoni Egg: Reclaim your sensuality,release guilt and shame to fully own your feminine sexuality - join an online or in-person initiation into this Tao-Tantric art

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