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Ritual to reset, heal & renew

The first days of a year are a contagious mix of utter excitement and deep fear: I want this so bad, wow, this time I’m going to make it happen, what if I don’t make it happen, I have no clue how to get there, I will never get there, I’m not worthy, what will others think.

The first days of the year are also somewhat inspiring, and yet to me connected with so much negative energy of lack, pushing, grasping, not being there yet.

I inspire you to take your time. Not following some purely masculine and patriarchal conditioning of getting shit done as soon as possible. Instead, tap into the feminine art of creating a ritual for yourself to truly reset for the new.

Because, lets be honest: To create the life you desire, to step into this version of yourself who can have it – and please don’t fool yourself, this version is already here – you have to clear out the old.

There is no new reality, without reflecting upon the past, healing, releasing, forgiving and consciously letting go.

Creating the new takes effort. Our old habits, fears, thoughts, they are what we are used to. Even if they didn’t bring what we wanted, we are so accustomed to them, that we choose them over and over again.

It’s easy to fall back into your old beliefs and habits, because they are your comfort zone. You already know what the outcome is.

So, releasing is as important as creating the new, if not more important. The soil needs to be fertile for new roots to grow.

Here I'm sharing with you a beautiful ritual - you can also do only certain parts of it - for a deep reset of the old. Take your time with it!

Ritual to close, reset and renew ☾

1 - Reflect upon the past