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Reflections & learnings from 2019

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

For many of us, 2019 has been an immensely intensive year. 2019 was the year of deep transformation, change, unraveling and opening. To me, this year almost felt like a whole damn decade itself, and the teachings I received in this past year have been so profound and a culmination of everything I've worked on in the past five years.

Reflecting upon 2019, here are a few of my learnings of this year

☽ Your life expands in connection with your courage.

☽ Knowing yourself and your truth is essential. Having the courage to share it is what makes it exceptional.

☽ In order to stay true to yourself, you sometimes have to take very hard and painful decisions.

☽ In the end it all comes down to love. The capacity of love you allow yourself to share, to receive and to multiply.

☽ Love is all there is.

☽ The more you do what you love, the easier life gets.

☽ Excitement turns into stacks of cash.

☽ As soon as you create your own “rules” and stop giving fucks about what anyone else claims to be “the solution” – no matter in business or relationships – shit gets real.

☽ Following pleasure is new decade shit.