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I took a weekend off, completely

This weekend I did something, I haven’t done for a while: I took the whole weekend off. Not just in actions, but also in thoughts. A reflection on feminine leadership, what it truly means to live according to your feminine nature and how we sometimes betray ourselves.

It’s Saturday morning. Cuddled up next to the love of my life I slowly bat my eyes open.. weekend. Yes. We hug, kiss. I feel a huge urge of happiness move through my body. This is my life. My love. My partner. Infinite gratitude for this love washes through every cell of my body. I get into the shower and within the glimpse of a moment, all those happy feelings are gone. Eliminated. “Shit, did I forget to send this email?”, a flash through my body. “Not much money came in yet.. can I really enjoy this weekend how I wanted to. Maybe I should…”. Thinking about business, money, to do’s, my heart and whole body shrinks. I completely contract. Sadness and pain.

It's this moment in which I took a decision (I always tell my clients that this is how it starts – no matter how annoying it sounds): I’m done doubting and worrying. I have this one amazing life. That I now share with my partner with whom I have the time of my life. I am fucking done! I breath deep down into my womb, moving into Yogic breath how I learned it in my YTT. I move my hips. And everytime my mind wants to start intervening again, I return to the practice of brining all breath and energy into my lower body: The seat of the feminine.

Throughout the whole weekend, I repeat this whenever I need. I consciously relax my face, jaw, body and legs while chilling on the sofa. I breathe in life as if my life fucking depends on it.

And my heart blossoms open.