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A note on Valentine's Day 🌹

A few randomly collected thoughts.

Two years ago I was still the girl who was never lucky in love, who notoriously fell for the one's who'd never choose her back. Today I am one year in the most beautiful, expansive and deep soul mate sacred union relationship. If I can do it, you can too.

If you keep on attracting men (or women, but this is not my area of expertise) who cannot fully comitt to you, look at all the ways in which you are afraid for someone to truly come close to and see you. Yes, this was it for me and my relationship now shows me why I wasn't ready before in so many ways.

Love is the area of your life where you are asked to let go of control. Don't try to make someone like you. Don't try to write, say or do the right thing. Be you.

Never, and I repeat this, never, stay waiting, hoping or even pursuing someone who's actions are not speaking clearly that they want to be with you. The trauma you will have to clean up after this will take way too much time.

To quote my boyfriend: What every woman needs to know is this; actions speak louder than words. I will add to this: Don't count gestures (like the big rose bouquet) but real life actions. Where is he investing to meet you, to catch up with you.

Old, but true: If he wants you, you will know. There is no way around this. If you are feeling insecure, doubtful - he is not ready to move the relationship forward. And this is all you need to know.

Glorifying being single and saying "I'm all I need" will never fill the gap that your desire for a fulfilling relationship will have. Own your wish fully and love yourself along the way.

Don't try to be the woman who can do it all herself. Let people in.

And last but least: You deserve love. And you will find it. It will find you. In the most perfect moment in time. Until then, learn the lessons you need to learn (skip number 4, if I might advise ;)).

With all my love



Let me know if this spoke to you in the comments or on IG.

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