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a 3 month deep dive into the sacred union you crave.

For the woman who is ready to call in true love with a masculine partner or upgrade her current relationship into a Sacred Union.

Start 2 April 2022 ☽


Oh my love - I know so well how you feel:

You crave love more than anything in this world.

Deep, soul-penetrating, conscious love.

With the divine masculine.

You want to be taken. Claimed. Ravished. Held.

Deeply embodied in your feminine, his solid frame holding you, leading you, fucking you open to God and blasting your heart open wide. That's what you want.

Feeling safe, sovereign and in tune with your heart at all times. Open, juice, eternal bliss + ecstatic love. You are open. Priestess of love.


Let's dive in.

Image by Laurice Manaligod

Oh yes, you want this..

🌹 You yearn for a love like no other and a relationship full of depth, intimacy + polarity and are done settling for anything less

🌹 You crave to embody your soft, sensual + true feminine essence in relationship + feel like a woman while being held, cherished + worshipped like never before

🌹 want to bring your radiant, open + ecstatic feminine heart into the relationship + be a massive magnet for real love + the masculine

🌹 you want that hot af conscious masculine king, who leads you, holds you + cherishes you

🌹 want to be the Priestess of love, feeling sovereign + full of confidence, handling love, boundaries, communication with ease

🌹 desire to unleash the sacred seductress in relationship + be able to create smoldering polarity at your fingertips and call your man into his highest essence

You want that deep, intimate and sensual relationship with the divine masculine bad..

but you struggle. and it hurts.

the absence of love + your sacred relationship breaks your heart - even though the rest of your life is amazing

you attract unavailable + the wrong men all over again OR your relationship is stuck, dull and lacking of any depth + polarity

✓ you yearn so much to surrender into your feminine in relationship – but then you end up chasing, planning, micromanaging + controlling because he just isn't showing up

✓ you really want your KING leading you.. but where is he? can he? Are there even good masculine men out there!? The mistrust in the masculine sits deep

✓ the yearning to open your heart to ecstatic bliss is huge - but so is the fear of getting hurt, the walls you put up to protect yourself and the distrust in the masculine

insecurity patterns sit deep and so you pressure yourself to be the perfect woman, say the right things so you are chosen + loveable and loose yourself in it

Oh my love. I see you. I've been you.

And I couldn't be more happy that you are here with me:

I've been struggling with romantic relationships all my life - until the age of 32! Yup, it took me 32 years to actually learn what it takes to call in that masculine king.

And let me tell you; My yearning has been strong!! So have been my mistakes and my suffering: I’ve been struggling with romantic relationships since I can think. Most of them were a symphony of on-off, hoping, waiting to be chosen, feeling desperate because it just seemed like I was unable to attract real and deep love – a man who will chose me over and over again, while I get to be in my feminine essence.


My inexistent luck in love was actually the reason I got into Feminine Embodiment and doing the work I do today.


After four years of deep learning, healing and transforming, I am so happy to share with you all that I’ve learned to support you in calling in the love you desire 🔥🥰♥️

Open, Love is the program where I guide you through the exact steps to call in, receive and maintain your sacred union.

This program is not only a deep dive into relationships, healing + polarity but also an invitation to grow as a woman and reclaim your natural, sovereign feminine energy. No matter if you are single and ready to callin your partner or in a relationship that you are ready to take into new depths + polarity.


What Open, Love will do for you


🕊 leave your unhealthy relationship patterns in the past + stop attracting the wrong men

🕊 heal your relationship to the masculine, stop emasculating + re-establish trust in him so you can actually let a masculine man in

🦋 drop deeper into your feminine essence and see how a relationship can pull you into your deepest feminine embodiment + become magnetic to your partner

💦 feel juicy, open + soft every damn day

⚔️ stop sabotaging your relationships through shadow/wounded fem behavior

🌹 become a living prayer of love, wide open, radiant + magnetic

🌹 learn how to evoke deep devotion from your partner when communicating your needs + boundaries the feminine way

🔥 become masterful at how to create smoldering polarity at your fingertips

⚡️ feel confident knowing if a relationship is for you - or if it's time to leave

✨ bring in the missing piece of the puzzle of being a spiritual woman + finally call in and create the relationship you've been yearning for


A full-body yes

if you said yes to all of the above, i want you inside, love.
Stephanie 181.jpg

Pay in Full

CHF 1'444 until 28.3.

then CHF 2'222

  • Forever change your relationship reality + becoming a match for your king
  • Weekly workshops + coaching during 3 months
  • Forever access to recordigns

Payment plan

4 x CHF 361 until 28.3.
then 4 x CHF 555

  • Forever change your relationship reality + becoming a match for your king
  • Weekly workshops + coaching during 3 months
  • Forever access to recordigns

Open, love is not for you if you are unwilling to look at your own patterns, fear to be called out on your shit and want to be told that it's all his fault. We take radical self-responsibility in this space and are fiercly committed to true sisterhood, evolution + true love.

Image by Laurice Manaligod
3 months
weekly group transmissions + activations

Embodiment ceremonies, Teaching workshops, Theta healing circles + Hot seat coaching

3 live breastmassage rituals
weekly integrative rituals + practices

Expect embodiment practices, meditations, healing rituals + more - recorded for you

daily support from stephanie
in our closed group space
To support your growth we will have 3 integration weeks where you will not receive any content but have time to integrate all that we've been healing, working on and implementing.
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