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Sunday, 21 August 2022, 13.30-17.00


Nourish your Feminine is a half-day retreat for the woman who feels burnt out, stressed and disconnected and yearns for a real time out to come back to her natural feminine state and receive deep restoration, relaxation + bliss.

Everything is possible. Nothing is needed. That's the intention of our afternoon in the healing and luscious environment of the Yoga Scheune in Meilen.

Get into complete receiving mode and let your cup be filled by your guide Stephanie and the nourishing presence of other women. This afternoon is for you only. Expect deep restoration on a cellular level and a new-found openness in body, mind and spirit.

Women all over the world feel starved, tired and dried out. You feel like you are in a constant hamster wheel of doing, performing and doing some more. You have to be the perfect woman, in every aspect. Pinterest-perfect.

You yearn for nothing more but to have a space where you can come back home to yourself. Relax, restore.

Not through another diet, sports program, or have to - but through honoring your essence, long forgotten practices, ritual and nature. You have a deep inner yearning that you cannot fully explain.

Yet, you also feel deeply guilty, because putting yourself first doesn't come natural to you. Quite the contrary: What you have learned to be feminine from your mother and your lineage of women is to constantly over give, put others first and neglect the intrinsic feminine need for nourishment.

But even with this, your yearning doesn't stop. And it is right to not stop: Being is your essence. The essence of a feminine essence being, the core of it. Leaning back and receiving, that's the feminines way.

And you are so worthy of it, my love.

Nourish your Feminine is your sanctuary, your sacred space, so you can return home to your natural state, bliss body + feminine core

Image by Annie Spratt

13.15 arrival, welcome + check-in / 13.30 start

🌙 Opening Circle + tuning in with a cup of a rich cacao blend

Tune into the afternoon and your present sisters through ritual + nourishment

♥️ Intention setting

🍯 Feminine Ritual + Practice sequence

Divine Feminine Body relaxation ritual

Grounding Womb Activation

Emotional processing + heart opening

Nourishing Feminine Embodiment (non-linear movement)

♥️ Sisterhood Connection + Goddess rituals

Connect with the other women, release any fear and mistrust and learn how to get nourished by the feminine.

✨ Restorative Yoga

Enjoy one full hour of deeply restorative yoga - suitable for any age, body + experience.


Single Admission: CHF 111.-

Bring your soulsister/mother/daugther: CHF 166.-

Who in your circle of women needs nourishment? Who do you know is constantly giving + doing and craving some deep restoration? My intention with this immersion is for you, to invite a woman you know needs this and call her forward. This is the reason why I intentionally offer a very reduced price if you join in two. Invite your soul sister and she pays only half (CHF 55.-)!

includes half day of workshop, rituals + practices and unlimited water and snacks

Image by Andy Makely

Past Day Retreats

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