My work is for the woman ready to reclaim her feminine radiance + magnetism in any aspect, turning the dark, murky, painful into her biggest gift. Transmuting pain into pleasure. Going all the way.

I work with women who are fucking high in integrity, who are ready to do the deep and uncomfortable work, the ones who are willing to be mirrored in the hardest moments, leaving their ego's at the doorstep. The ones who are wide open to be teached, healed and transformed.

We move through all things love, life, relationship, polarity, sex, purpose, business + spirit.

No matter where you go, I want you to go with a heart blasted wide open, emotionally sovereign, deeply rooted in your boddy, embodied af and sensually activated by your own turn-on.

I work with medicine women, healers, to-be-coaches, women who have a gift and want to share it with the world. I work with women hungry for deeper feminine embodiment, becoming the pure embodiment of love. I work with cycle breakers, ready to look deep into ancestral trauma and unearth the shit out of past lives.

I work with you.

Currently I have the following 1:1 offerings available for you

I currently offer three ways to work with me in a 1:1 mentoring setting

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Diamond Rose
1:1 deep dive

The 4 or 6 month mentoring

My most intimate deep dive container for the woman who wants to transform it all: Love, purpose + sense of self. A potent blend of mentoring, healing + somatics.

embracing her

A half-day 1:1 retreat to reclaim your feminine

You and me. Half a day. Moving through deep blockages, beliefs + shame that keeps you from fully embracing your feminine energy. A powerful feminine awakening initiation.

Concrete Wall
90min single healing session

Priestess Breakthrough

A 90minute bone-deep healing session combining somatic + subconscious healing for right now breakthroughs.