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1:1 mentoring

My 1:1 mentoring is here to guide women back to their authentic feminine essence and embodiment, healing deep seated wounding and restoring an intimate relationship with self + life.

Women usually come to me when they feel dis-connected from themselves, their femininity, body, heart and sensuality. They often struggle with their self-worth, neediness and the urge to be perfect. This can manifest in struggling in relationships with the masculine, feeling a big dis-connect to themselves, their body + heart and having the feeling of walking through their lives in a very guarded, disconnected way.

1:1 mentoring with me is not a regular coaching, but a very hands-on and down-to-earth mentoring, combined with ancient tools + rituals and deep inner healing. Together we go on a journey for you to reclaim your sovereign feminine essence, come into authentic embodiment of the woman you truly are, love yourself fiercly and create an intimate relationship with yourself.


My work is for the women who are ready to to the uncomfortable work and respect the rhytms of the feminine, knowing that the journey of healing + evolving takes time and is an investment. I do not offer any quick fixes or "my way or the highway" coachings.

Mentoring Offerings

Intensive: 1 Month 1:1 Mentoring + Healing for tight-knit, short-term support

Deep Dive: 3 or 5 Months 1:1 Mentoring + Healing for a deep + intensive inner healing journey

Unfold: 12 Month 1:1 Mentoring + Healing for spacious, feminine growth

What Clients Say

"I just really love working with you Stephanie, as you ask the right questions, freely share your confronting thoughts, but at the same time always give me the feeling of being held and loved just the way I am. My biggest breakthrough is truly learning to be more, embracing my feminine essence fully and activating my high Priestess again. Since working with Stephanie, I’m way more creative, am able to be more and heal aspects that blocked me from fully stepping into my power."

Delia, Deep Dive Mentoring

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