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Calling all the medicine women, coaches, healers + feminine creatresses...

... who are ready to remember their divine power, gifts and step into a new level of confidence, clarity + self-trust to move into the next level of their soul business

You said yes to your soul purpose not to long ago.


Because there couldn't be any other way.

You love your work, and you know that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. Going back to doing something that isn't full of purpose is not an option.

The first step is done successfully, you have people in your offerings and you bloom open in your field.

Actually, you've built your business up from day one, by yourself. And you are proud of it.


But then, there is the part of you that doubts your magic, lacks confidence and often feels like you aren't good enough at what you do.


Otherwise, you would be more "successful" by now, wouldn't you?

You often lack clarity, don't really know what you are doing in your biz because you wanted to do it the feminine way so much, that strategy is a foreign concept in your business.

You keep on postponing launching the thing you actually would love to offer, struggle upping your price + mostly; trusting yourself.

You have clients, yes, but they aren't "enough" and so is your income. You go up and down and struggle paying your bills.

You can see your value but then you also don't. You catch yourself looking left and right, trying to do the right thing.

Sometimes you feel frustrated - why is the full success not here yet?


You feel stuck at the current level, but mainly frustrated by the lack of self-love, confidence and inner clarity and are ready to finally move through this plateau, come back home to yourself and bring your business forward.

Medicine Woman Mastermind (Facebook Cover)(1).png

What I've learned in the last two years of having my own business is that the foundation of the success we can have, is always our relationship with self.

How much we trust ourselves, see our work as valuable does not only move us through the rough phases (which everyone will encounter!), these things create the foundational tone of every part of our business.

What I see standing in the way for most women, are the negative way we see ourselves, the constant self doubt, looking outside of us for answers, not being able to see the beauty, magic + worthiness in our unique gifts.

The lack of structure and accountability, inner clarity and strategy. Because the feminine needs the masculine to be able to flow.

The continuous co-dependency on results, sign ups and getting confirmation for our worth - a game we'll never be able to win.

My intention with Medicine Woman is to create a sacred and safe space for women to unravel all the parts in which you keep yourself small and build sustainable, lasting confidence, self-trust and an innate reference to your inner medicine.

So you can step forward into your soul business with a solid foundation.

Our focus lies in :

1 - THE FEMININE'S INNER WORLD: self-sourcing, self-confidence, self-trust, accessing creativity, clarity + inner guidance

2 - THE MASCULINE'S FRAME: Structure, clarity in action, marketing,

This is not a mastermind where I teach you my way. My highest priority is to create a space where you learn to lean into your own truth, find your own answers + inner clarity.

Expect to receive a lot of pratical guidance in PR + marketing (where I hold extensive training + work experience), sacred structure and the perspective of a projector which is always seeing the bigger picture.

Expect this space to not just transform your view of self, but also the way you connect with other women. Masterminds are the sisterhood wound healing space - and in the work you do, this is crucial. Be ready to become a medicine woman that changes the world and own your role.

what's included


The deep dive calls are held via Zoom and are usually around 120mins. They vary from group coaching, group ThetaHealing®, somatic movement and sisterhood support.




Share your celebrations, clear your shit, get feedback on your projects and stay on track with your desires.



Every week Stephanie open's the space for your intentions, on Friday we close the week with celebrations. Keep yourself on track for the big goals in our magical Telegram room.



It couldn't get any better: Extra deep support for you in our time together with three bespoke 1:1 sessions of 60 minutes. The amount of the sessions vary depending on the package you choose.



open enrolment
space for 6 women to be held intimately

3 Months: CHF 1'350

6 Months: CHF 2'500

12 Months: 4'900

Payment Options

Pay in Full; Monthly Payments; Deposit + Monthly Payments - inquire for what is best for you


Group Deep Dive Call Dates: last Tuesday of the month, 2-4pm CEST

Exception: 4 October
Healing Circle: Second Thursday of the month

1:1 sessions
your next steps

Tune in deeply: Is this supportive space made for you? Is joining this space giving you life force energy? I want your full body yes.

Fill in the application

Send me a DM on Instagram or an email and let me know you've applied so I can celebrate you and we can tune in together

You will receive feedback from me if I see you a fit for the group

If we are both a YES, I will send you the payment information. You can pay online via Stripe/Paypal or Bank Transfer/Twint

3 Months: 1 Session

6 Months: 2 Sessions

12 Months: 4 Sessions

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