Women's Circles

Reconnect with your feminine essence. Get in touch with your sensuality. Soften. Enjoy.

Bi-weekly held Women's Circles in Zurich City

Do you often feel out of touch with your body?

Do you want to feel more feminine?

Do you want to experience pleasure in all areas of your life, all day, every day?

Are you willing to get in touch with the goddess within yourself?

Do you want to feel safe, held, and loved?

We live in a male-dominated world. From early on, we get conditioned into the hustle mode: doing, achieving and striving. These are all male qualities. Many of us women get out of balance, out of touch with ourselves and our bodies because we can't connect and embody our divine feminine.

This is an invitation.

To start being. Receiving. Surrendering. Softening. Resting.

An invitation from the Divine Feminine, residing within you. It has been there all along, waiting for you to tune in, to re-connect.

With my Women's Circles I aim to create a safe space for women of all ages to re-connect and re-discover each one's divine feminine energy and therewith power. A safe haven, to come back to our core. To explore. To share. To open to our hearts and the love flowing through our veins. To open to the imminate wisdom of our female sexuality. To break down some walls. To date. Because you have all the wisdom within you. Let's discover together.

Bi-weekly Women's Circle

Wednesday, 8-10pm

Zurich City Center

  • Connection through sharing

  • Embodiement practices

  • Meditation

  • Movement: Dance, Yoga asana

  • Journaling

  • Exploring rituals

  • Self-love practices

Every Women's Circle is different. There usually is a theme

set, but the evening is open to be adapted to everyone's needs

and energy. To create a safe and uplifting space for self-discovery,

growth, connection and feminine pleasure, Women's Circles can only be attended regularly. Please find the conditions below.

Up next: Wednesday, 21 November 2018: Full Moon Special 🌕

Trial session: CHF 37 instead of CHF 57

Women's Circle Pass (4x): CHF 180

Women's Circle Pass (8x): CHF 350

One spot per session for low-income/student. Please contact me to claim it!

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