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I still remember the first time I got down on all fours and started to move my whole body in uncontrollable way, the energy that floated up my spine, the first time I sat down and connected to my womb, held her, and heard her whispers.


An overwhelming warm feeling of remembrance, arriving home and fully accepting and embracing myself in this moment.


I’ve been looking for this all my life.


This is the magic of dropping into your feminine.


And I can’t wait to share with you all of my favorite rituals & practices to drop deeper into the magick that is YOU, beautiful woman!



Over the course of three ceremonies you will be journeying deeper into your feminine essence. Each class is focused on one pillar of your feminine energy and will gently initiate you into this part of your being. Expect simple yet effective rituals, practices & a safe space to share all that is coming up with like-minded women. Three different locations which complement our adventures.

1 - Womb ▽ Earth ▽ Rooting & being

Friday, 23 July – 7pm CEST – Käferberg, Zurich


We gather beneath the healing light of the full moon at my favorite place in the forest. Our feet deeply rooted in the fertile soil, I will guide you to re-connect with your body, come back into the magic of the present moment and drop deeper into your womb space and deep relaxation. Learn how to experience deep connection to self, feeling grounded, rooted and safe and deeply relaxed while being held by mother nature.

What to expect: Womb meditation, embodied movement, yin yoga, deep relaxation, earthing ritual

2 Heart ♡ Air ♡ Feeling

Thursday, 5 August, 8pm CEST – Yoga Tribe K6, Zürich


Under the energy of the new moon we will explore the feminine heart: the place many women fear yet bears an incredible amount of magick. Are you willing to feel your emotions? Can you open and soften even when you want to contract? This practice will include a nourishing breastmassage – my all time favorite for deep heart-connection, inner child healing & pms healing – and is held in a closed studio to protect this sacred space.

What to expect: Heart-womb breathing, breastmassage, journaling, partner practices


Within this save environment at the beautiful Yoga Scheune in Meilen, located in the midst of nature, you will have the chance to let go of social conditionings, what a woman has to be, do and have.

Yoni ▽ Fire ▽ Creating

Friday, 20 August, Yoga Scheune Meilen


In the lush environment of Yoga Scheune in Meilen we will unlock your life force energy through sensual dance and embodiment. I will hold a sharing and reflection circle on the topic of sexual shame – and how to move out of this. You will learn how to tap into your sexual energy, use it for your creativity and life force – and daily pleasure.

What to expect: Sensual dance, kundalini activation, Tao-Tantric meditations

Energetic exchange


Per ceremony CHF 77.-

For all ceremonies CHF 222.-

For all ceremonies with your sacred soul sister: 397.-


Make sure you have read my terms & conditions before booking your spots. There are no refunds on events. Please note that once you've booked your class or class pass this can't be extended, changed, postponed and there are no refunds if you cancel.

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further information

Each ceremony will be about 90-120mins. Each ceremony will be held within an intimate a group of 8 women.

These events are designed for any woman who wants to dive deeper into her feminine energy - no matter what age, body size or nationality. I invite you to bring your friend, mother, sister and make this a beautiful experience in healing the feminine.

You will receive further information on each ceremony as well as covid regulations closer to the date. We will definititely be able to practice without masks in all the spaces, as we are a small group number. Depending on the location you are invited to bring your own yoga mat/blanket.