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Do., 21. Dez.



Winter Solstice Ceremony: A ritual of closure, magic & femininie mysticism

A mystical journey into the depth of your heart, feminine mysticism and the year behind us. Dive deep into the mystical energy of the year, bringing closure & acceptance to the year past and prepare yourself for the potent Rauhnächte & the new to come.

Winter Solstice Ceremony: A ritual of closure, magic & femininie mysticism
Winter Solstice Ceremony: A ritual of closure, magic & femininie mysticism

Place & time

21. Dez. 2023, 19:30 – 21:30

Zürich, Forchstrasse 248, 8032 Zürich, Switzerland

About the workshop

In to the darkness, into completion, leaving the year behind, diving into the magic and mysticism to come.

Closure. Opening. Darkness. Light.

As we embark on the darkest day of the year, a day where the dark outshadows the light, we are being called into a state of deep feminine mysticism, tuning inwards and self-connecttion.


The Winter Solstice ceremony is here for you to celebrate light and dark, bring closure and acceptance to the year behind you and move into the potent Rauhnächte nights. A mystical journey into the depth of your heart, the last year & the mystery that lies ahead and deep feminine mysticism.

The Winter Solstice Ceremony marks the end of the current year, with all it's light + dark, and the opening to new possibilities. Moving from the Winter Solstice into the 12 Rauhnächte - a potent time of moving between the worlds, and between the years - you are invited to use this powerful night to turn inwards, bring closure to the year passed, nurture an intimate relationship with yourself + your heart and open up to the wonderful time to come, whilst connecting to the threads of feminine mysticism.

This ceremony is for everyone who desires to connect with the potent + healing energy of this night and wants to be guided into deeper self-connection, feminine mysticism and completion of the year passed.

In the circle of other wonderful women we'll surrender into the darkness and energy of winter. We'll let her [the darkness] wrap us in her velvety, soft and safe embrace and turn our focus inward. Create deeper connection to yourself through breath, movement + (heart + womb) meditation.

We’ll explore the darkness through meditation and free dance in the dark, opening your senses to the world beyond the veil, following the path of mystery into the magical portal of the Rauhächte. Come into deeper connection with your heart, womb, body + soul – and feminine essence.

What has 2023 brought into your life? We'll bring closure to the year passed, honoring all that was and all that wasn't and practice forgiveness where needed through powerful journaling, reflection + forgiveness ritual. Leave feeling light, free of excess baggage and at peace within yourself + the world.

Stephanie will share more on the tradition of the Raunächte and different suggestions on how you can create your own ritual at home. You'll be guided into a powerful Theta Meditation to connect to the world beyond the veil and set the entry point to this beautiful time of the year. We’ll invite in three feminine archetypes (Dark Goddess, Wise Woman + Priestess) to support and guide you through this powerful time.

We'll close the evening in an intimate sharing circle, honoring each woman’s experience – light and dark.

Our evening will include

  • Opening ritual + intention setting
  • Arriving in the dark ritual: Tune out to tune in and get comfortable in the darkness through stillness, restorative practice (yoga for everyone) and meditation
  • Womb + Heart connection ritual to tap deep into your essence, soul and self; nourishing deeper self-connection and letting your heart speak
  • Dancing in the dark – tap into the mystery of life, winter and your feminine essence
  • Winter Solstice End of the Year closure ritual with journaling, reflection + release ritual
  • Rauhnächte Attunement with Theta Meditation to open the field to the spiritual world and your deepest wishes, fears and subconscious gifts
  • Archetypal wisdom, feminine mysticism & poetry
  • Closing & sharing

WHEN Thursday, 21 December, 19.30-21.30

WHERE Quartiertreff Hirslanden

LANGUAGE Swiss-German or English


↠ Single Ticket: CHF 125 

↠ Supported Ticket: CHF 85 - for students and women with a lower income


  • Single Ticket

    CHF 125.00
  • Single Ticket Reduced

    for students and women with an income below CHF 3'000

    CHF 85.00
  • Karma Yogini

    CHF 65.00
    Sold Out


CHF 0.00


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