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Live Round 2022 starts Thursday, 12 May 2022

you know what you desire.

Finally calling in this true love. Your healthy divine masculine king.

No longer lost in the dating jungle. But being a magnet for love. True love.

No longer going for what isn't meant for you, feeling unworthy, being tied up in on/off situationships or having to push through with masculine force.

You have the power.

Your feminine will lead you - and call him in.

Let's ride x

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it's time to change the story of attracting what is not for you, feel insecure + hopeless in dating and finally call in the masculine king you crave.

Hi love!


I’ve been struggling with romantic relationships since I can think.

Most of them were a symphony of on-off, hoping, waiting to be chosen, feeling desperate because it just seemed like I was unable to attract real and deep love – a man who will chose me over and over again, while I get to be in my feminine essence. I had ton's of limiting beliefs, like "they always choose someone else", "men are weak" and "maybe love is just not for me" keeping me from attracting true love.


My inexistent luck in love was actually the reason I got into Feminine Embodiment and doing the work I do today 🥰


After four years of deep learning, healing and transforming, I called in the love of my life. Within one year we moved in together, shared beautiful vacations together and essential depth, love and life-changing intimacy.

Enchantress is the live course where I will guide you through the

exact steps I took to stop being in unhealthy relationship cycles, heal my heart and call in my masculine king.

Pleated Fabric
enchantress is a five week live group coaching program + course for the woman ready to call in true love. you want to be supported along the way + receive potent 1:1 mentoring.

Live Round 2022 starts Thursday, 12 May 2022

enchantress is for you, if you

♥️ desire to call in a masculine essence partner who is strong in his leadership, to whom you truly can surrender to
♥️ want to be loved, chosen, worshipped and claimed like never before

♥️ are ready to finally land in your dream relationship based on deep intimacy, connection and love

♥️ want to be able to relax deeply into your feminine essence in dating + relating

♥️ are soooo ready to truly honor your worth and feel confident, secure + sovereign in dating + relating

♥️ finally want to understand dating dynamics and how to navigate them with ease

♥️ want to have better understanding of men + how they function (send help!! lol)

♥️ want to be able to express your desires + boundaries with ease

♥️ crave to feel safe opening your heart, sharing your sweet feminine side, being vulnerable as well as letting love truly in

♥️ want to become the queen of polarity + call him into his highest expression

you might struggle with

⚡️ feeling desperate and helpless because you never seem to experience the deep love you desire

⚡️ repeating unhealthy relationship + dating patterns

⚡️ attracting unavailable men/men who never fully show up for you

⚡️ being attached to someone who is not truly giving you what you need, dating potential + always hoping he'd finally step up

⚡️ often finding yourself chasing, trying to move the relationship forward, taking the masculine role + feeling frustrated about it

⚡️ feeling insecure in how to show up in dating and relationships

⚡️ struggling with neediness, low self-worth and constant self-questioning

⚡️ having men dissappear on you, ghosting you or making you big promises and constantly breaking them

⚡️ repeatedly accepting behaviour you don't want but not knowing how to communicate your needs + boundaries

⚡️ constantly making it about him (what does he think, why did he do this) instead of getting clear if this is what you want

⚡️ thinking you need to be "better", in order for men to show up different

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Live Round 2022 starts Thursday, 12 May 2022

5 weeks
opening ceremony

5 live group transmissions + Q+A's

daily content, lessons + love codes

delivered in pre-recorded videos, audio lessions + worksheets

embodiment rituals + practices
intimate facebook group
a Sacred Sisterhood where you can get support from me and ask everything that is coming up for you on this journey
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Trust me, love: If you feel lost, insecure + wtf is happening with these men? I've been there. I know the pain. I know the despair. I know the suffering.

What I also know is that - unfortunately - women lack complete knowledge of polarity, relationship dynamics and very simple tools, that will make everything soooo much more easy!

After one year of dating sabattical, I got onto a dating app and within one month met the love of my life. This is no coincidence. I had a clear structure + system set up, that helped me call in what I want while being relaxed and completely unconcerned about the results. And I know that this is also the reason why it worked out so well.

Image by Andy Makely
what enchantress will do for you

clear your unhealthy relationship patterns, beliefs & past so you can call in the love you crave and no longer go for what doesn't make you happy

feel deeply connected to your feminine heart so you become an automatic magnet to the masculine

rooting into a new level of worthiness, confidence + sovereignity in life + love


easily understand the masculine, polarity + dating dynamics so you can navigate any situation with ease, confidence and sovereignity + create sexy smoldering polarity at your fingertips


stop sabotaging your relationships through shadow feminine behaviour + insecurity

mastering the art of feminine communication to evoke deeper presence + devotion

setting boundaries with ease + clarity  - without them words, baby


lean back + simmer in your feminine essence, so your partner is magnetically drawn to you


creating self-dependency so you can leave a situation if it's not for you

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This is when you set up your dating profile that we look at all together and start your journey 🥰

🌹 The Enchantress only goes for men who show up for her - how to stop waiting for the one's who aren't for you

🌹 become an effortless magnet for the masculine through deepening into your feminine heart, essence + self

🌹 giving + receiving principles

🌹 how to create space and call him in closer

🌹 creating polarity with ease + confidence

& love code + support library

Enchantress includes a library of tools for any situation that comes up while dating: He isn't texting back? Listen to the sos-audio and feel clear + calm af. You keep on daydreaming? Do my meditation and come back to what truly matters. Forever yours to keep.

MODULE 2 - restoring worthiness

🕊 clearing + healing your relationship past and patterns

🕊 how to stop attracting unavailable men + trauma-bonding

🕊 past relationship forgiveness + clearing (through powerful group ThetaHealing®)

🕊 getting clear on why you settle for less and transmute the parts that are going for that

♥️ getting clear on where you make yourself small and throw your worth out of the window to please a man

♥️ establish unshakeable worthiness + sovereignity through accessing deeper layers of self + your femininity

♥️ the difference between showing up from the wounded little girl and the embodied feminine + clearing little girl behaviour

♥️ not letting self-worth be a blockage to the love you crave

MODULE 3 - dating + relating from the feminine

🌹 dating + relating from the feminine basics

🌹 your desire as the base of leading from the feminine (and how to honor what you truly want)

🌹 getting to know the shadow archetypes of the feminine that block true connection (or attract the wrong men)

🌹 feminine communication

🌹 how to stop pushing, chasing, manipulating and switching into masculine energy

MODULE 4 - understanding the masculine

⚡️ what the masculine needs (from life + you)

⚡️ masculine committment process

⚡️ the difference between masculine + feminine in dating and relationship (and how to navigate it)

⚡️ handling expectations in dating

⚡️ setting healthy boundaries with the masculine

⚡️ all your burning questions like: when to have sex, what if he doesn't reply, when to get exclusive..

MODULE 5 - enchantress - sovereign femme dating