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My 3 month Deep Dive Mentoring + Healing program is for the woman who desires to re-connect with, remember and reclaim her feminine essence, heal deep seated childhood wounding, create a loving, deep + healthy relationship to the masculine and move forward in life feeling empowered, safe, radiant & free.

In our work together, we go deep into the topics of the wounded maiden, bringing healing to the mother and father wound and re-estabishing you as a mature, embodied woman. We shed light on all the spaces where you feel small, unworthy, un-loved and as a consequence of this needy, controlling, stuck in the good girl cycle and afraid of getting left, abandoned and not loved.


The foundation of all my and your work in this container is to re-connect you with yourself, your body, heart and emotions and reclaim your sensual essence. You will learn how to create inner safety, trust and unshakable primordial trust that you are held by life itself.

Through somatic practices, embodiment and old (tao-tantric) women's self-care tools as well as archetype explorations you will come back to your primordial feminine essence, not as finding the new, but remembering the wisdom that has always been within you.


Opening yourself to the gift of a woman connected to her body, heart & wildly vast emotional landscape.

A big part of my work and invitation for the women I work with is the softening back into a deeply loving, devotional and sensual feminine essence. Re-discovering your softness is incredibly healing for many of us who were growing up as Miss Independent's, "always the strong one" and the woman who has it all together.

We look at your relationship to the masculine – in broader sense as well as in your relationship / dating life. Because first of all, there is no feminine essence without feeling safe, held and secure – which is the masculine essence. This topic expands into your actual relationship, romantic relationship patterns + dating life.

I loved my time with Stephanie, it was a deeply healing and transformational container in which I arrived with a lot of my maiden patterns. I felt very supported to really step into my sovereignty, reclaim my power and expression. I still carried fears of being liked, being approved of and not being enough and she supported me to clear out a lot of subconscious beliefs that were holding me back.


I deeply benefitted from being able to speak to her about relationship patterns, self-sabotage, setting boundaries and managing a relationship in a way that didn’t allow me to default into chaos. I really appreciated the kind of truth-speaking, honesty, and safety we co-created together and really benefitted from the Theta Healings where I released a lot of physical and energetical blocks.

Lydia Rose, Divine Feminine Coach

In our time together we focus on the following:


  • re-connecting with yourself and establishing a loving, intimate relationship with self


  • reclamation and rememberance of your feminine essence, wisdom + authentic embodiment


  • mother wound healing (being loved, relationship to the feminine, sisterhood wound)


  • father wound healing (safety, being held, abandonment wound)

  • letting go of masculine over-drive, pushing, controlling and inner tension


  • re-connection with your body, womb & sensual self

  • reclamation of your emotions, learning how to move through them, emotional processing + balancing and exploring the treasure, aliveness and radiance of an open heart

  • creating a save space for you to feel all your emotions, rage, anger and wild envy


  • creating safety within self + feeling held – learning to surrender


  • relationship dynamics (dating, love, intimacy, polarity) with the masculine

  • exploring different feminine flavors and loving your multifaceted femininity, as well
    as cultivating cyclical living


  • 3 Months of bespoke Mentoring + Healing with Stephanie

  • Bi-weekly 90min 1:1 Sessions (6)

  • 2x 60min ThetaHealing® Sessions

  • Unlimited private access & support between the sessions via Telegram (Tue-Friday)

  • Distance healing, tailor-made homework and bespoke rituals + practices

  • Access to the 'Goddess Vault', my exclusive online library for 1:1 clients full of tools + practices as well as all my self-study courses

What Clients Say

"I just really love working with you Stephanie, as you ask the right questions, freely share your confronting thoughts, but at the same time always give me the feeling of being held and loved just the way I am. My biggest breakthrough is truly learning to be more, embracing my feminine essence fully and activating my high Priestess again. Since working with Stephanie, I’m way more creative, am able to be more and heal aspects that blocked me from fully stepping into my power."

Delia, Deep Dive Mentoring

All the details

How does it work?

Please fill in the form below or simply send me an email sharing your desire to start a mentoring. I will get back to you within 48 hours and we'll decide together if we are a match. Depending on the answers we might set up a short call to answer any open questions. If I feel another coach/mentor/healer is more suitable for you, I will always inform you about this. You will then receive the link to book your spot + can select your bi-weekly slot.

What's my investment?

3 months: CHF 3'350

4 months: 4'250

5 months: CHF 4'980

Enroling for July + August Mentoring

Thank you for interest in the Deep Dive Mentoring with me. You will hear from me within the next 48 hours. All my love

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