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Diamond Rose is my signature 1:1 mentoring + healing container for the woman ready to go fucking deep.

My work is for the woman ready to reclaim her feminine radiance + magnetism in any aspekt, turning the dark, murky, painful into her biggest gift. Transmuting pain into pleasure. Going all the way.

I work with women who are fucking high in integrity, who are ready to do the deep and uncomfortable work, the ones who are willing to be mirrored in the hardest moments, leaving their ego's at the doorstep. The ones who are wide open to be teached, healed and transformed.

We move through all things love, life, relationship, polarity, sex, purpose, business + spirit.

No matter where you go, I want you to go with a heart blasted wide open, emotionally sovereign, deeply rooted in your boddy, embodied af and sensually activated by your own turn-on.

I work with medicine women, healers, to-be-coaches, women who have a gift and want to share it with the world. I work with women hungry for deeper feminine embodiment, becoming the pure embodiment of love. I work with cycle breakers, ready to look deep into ancestral trauma and unearth the shit out of past lives.

I work with you.

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Mhhh yes, Queen - you are here. I receive you.

My signature mentoring program Diamond Rose is the most intimate, deep + close-knit mentoring that I am offering. It is for the woman like you. 100% bespoke to your essence.


You are the woman who wants to life her life based on the feminine principle, your nature, your true essence. You have taken your first steps with the feminine, yet you crave for guidance to take you even deeper. You want to live, breathe + fuck like the feminine goddess you are. You want it all. The fulfilled, sacred, deeply polarized relationship. The business in which you show up with ease, honoring your feminine cycles + flow. Making money through your soul's purpose. Living your absolute dream life.



  • Supporting my women grow from wounded maiden (unhealed inner girl) to full-grown woman and Priestess, brining an integrated + authentic femininity into every aspect of their lives

  • Integrating nourishment, ease, pleasure, flow into your life

  • Guiding you in creating a sustainable, abundant + true to you business out of your purpose

  • Helping you call in, sustain and form the sacred union of your dream with a masculine partner rooted in polarity, connection + deep love

  • Deep healing of childhood, past life + ancestry

  • Creating a life in connection to spirit/source that is full of magic, ritual + mystery


  • A deepened sense of self, worthiness + your truth

  • Having badass boundaries, speaking your truth more easily and showing up in your authentic embodiment + expression with confidence

  • Being deeply in tune with your sensuality and sexual energy

Diamond Rose is your luxurious deep dive journey into self

In 4 or 6 months, you get it all from me: Deep healing, embodiment, feminine energy activations, mentoring + coaching. I am your guide, your healer, your mirror, so you can uncover what needs to change, face your shadows with a steady hand holding you and create what you desire from within you.

This mentoring is especially designed for the feminine leader, the woman who knows she wants to create a new world + paradigmn through her being. You honor + love your feminine essence and want to inspire other women to also live in tune with their essence. You know the 'normal' is not for you and you need support to create the life based on your desires, values + your unique soul design. You also know that this requires you to let go of a lot of old conditioning, that doesn't just need a coach, but a healer.

I support you from identifying your desires, releasing subconscious programming + integrating shadow that stands in the way to taking actual tangible steps into your new reality.

My strenght is bridging the feminine foundation with masculine structure + action steps.

The tools I blend in are: Somatic healing, embodiment, Tao-Tantra, ThetaHealing®, Emotional Freedom Technique + much more

8 or 12 x 90min deep dive session


3 or 4 X 30min Theta healing session
 daily telegram
mentoring + space holding
access to all my courses

Access to all courses excluding masterminds.

Two spots are open for the women desiring support

How does it work?

Please apply via the link below. I will get back to you within 48 hours and we'll decide together if we are a match. If I feel another coach/mentor/healer is more suitable for you, I will always inform you about this. You will then receive the link to book your spot + can select your bi-weekly slot.

What's my investment

Your investment is CHF 4'888.- for 4 months of mentoring or CHF 6'888.- for 6 months. These payments can be split up into bespoke payment plans (4/8/12 months).

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