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Willkommen in meinem Herzensproject – dem Sacred Circle.


Der Sacred Circle ist ein Ganzjahres Frauenkreis, ein kraftvoller und sicherer Ort for a safe space where you can let down your guards, everyday stress and over-masculine hustle mode and come back to yourself and drop deep into your feminine essence?


Do you yearn for a deeper connection with your body, femininity, self?

Do you sometimes struggle with connecting with other women and desire to experience real sisterhood?


Do you need more nutrients, nourishment and rejuvenation in your everyday life and know how deeply nourishing ritual, circle + practice are for you?

This is what the Sacred Circle is your home for.


Our sacred sisterhood is a full year membership for feminine practice, expansion, nourishment and real lifed sisterhood.

We gather monthly in-person in Zurich (and surroundings) for nourishing moon circles and expansive immersions.

Let's learn more


Every woman yearns for a safe space to come back home to herself, surrender into her feminine and relax into the nourishing embrace of real-life sisterhood. A place to be held, guided and nourished after a full day of fast-paced living.


This is what the Sacred Circle offers. One full year, every month. In-person.

The Sacred Circle is a full year membership for in-person immersions in the realms of feminine practice, deep nourishment, ritual + sisterhood. A year long women's circle so to speak.

It's a space for women to tend to their hearts, bodies, inner yearnings, wishes and fears. Every month we gather for a 90min (or longer) deep dive immersion on a specific topic around the feminine or a nourishing moon circle.

With our membership options, we encourage deep transformation, intimacy, safety and even deeper connections. Full year + half year members also have wonderful bonuses like 20% on retreats, the Rauhnächte Journey + more goodies included.

In 2023 we will have a more in-depth focus on embodying different flavors of your femininity + core truth through different feminine archetypes.

The Sacred circle is for the woman

  • yearning to tap deeper into her feminine essence and often struggling with falling out of her feminine energy in her everyday life

  • wanting more accountability + consistency in her feminine practice, lunar rituals and self-nourishment routine

  • desiring to feel more nourished, grounded + connected to self

  • wanting to explore and embrace more parts of her femininity + herself, owning her truth and stepping into her multifaceted expression

  • possibly struggling with finding like-minded women or with sisterhood wounding and yearning  for real-life sisterhood and exchange with like-minded women

  • ready to make a committment to herself, her nourishment + the other women in the circle

The Sacred Circle is open for any woman of any age, ethical background and financial status who desires to be held in a safe space, heal triggers in connection with other women and nurther the connection to herself and her femininity.

Arrival + welcome

Altar preparation

Samhain invocation + teachings on the meaning of samhain

reiki meditation with tendermind

Ritual to connect to the spiritual realm + your ancestors and strenghten your feminine energetics

dark goddess Teachings + introduction to the life/death/life cycle including ritual

closing ritual