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My love – you are so incredibly amazing and I am so honored having been part of your path!


The evolution you went through within the past months is simply breathtaking and I couldn’t be more proud of you ❤️


There is this saying that all good things come to an end, which I believe is true


Yet at the same time: All good things perpetuate forever


The ripple effect of this mentoring will be felt way beyond our time together, the next few months and years ✨🐆🔑


My intention is to have provided you with deep + profound magick that you will come back to and remember forever


Maybe some of the seeds we planted will stay for a while in the dark void of the womb and suddenly, when you wouldn’t even expect it anymore, push through the fertile soil and unfold in the most beautiful flower you’ve ever seen


Long story short: I am so happy to have met you and having been part of your growth.


This digital good-bye letter serves as a love-note as well as the clear masculine container of closure. If you scroll down, you’ll find all the answers you need to administrational questions.


I have prepared a little ritual for you to close this container with awareness, love + celebration


Carve out some time (30-60mins) to consciously close and celebrate your time in mentoring with me. Create a beautiful space, bring out your crystals, oracle cards + whatever you need to tune into yourself.


1 LISTEN TO THE VISUALIZATION I’ve recorded for you and dive into all the things you’ve learned, moved through and alchemized – and set a clear point of closure


2 Based on your celebrations, WRITE A TESTIMONIAL TO YOURSELF Start your sentences with Stephanie [insert your name], I am so proud of you for… / I am so amazed by how you handled… / … has not been easy, yet you’ve moved through it with so much …


3 DANCE IT OUT – I’ve created a special celebration playlist for you


Optional: Take out some tarot/oracle cards and tune into where you go from here. Journal on the next steps.





With this, our container is closed.

Spread your wings.


And fly,




With all my love




Image by Kelly Sikkema


ends by the end of the month or as communicated. If you have been part of any groups your access will be removed as well.


You have access to the dropbox with all its supportive content for one more month. Make sure to download everything you need.


If you desire to receive an additional personalized practice, please get in touch now.

Image by Susanna Marsiglia
more support?


🔑 For long-term 1:1 as well as current group programs, inquire directly with me

🔑 You want a one-of session to work through something?

For my past clients I offer a special rate of 177 CHF instead of 222 for single sessions. Use the code CLIENTLOVE when booking here.

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