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the masterclass for the woman who wants to call in the healthy masculine, her king

and learn how to leave behind everything that isn't.

one masterclass

120 minutes

your feminine heart activated

clarity on your patterns + limiting beliefs

stop attracting what isn't for you

a tangible step-by-step guide to call him in

Wednesday, 27 April 2022, 5pm CET

your yearning is here for a reason. you can have the relationship you desire.
what we'll cover

Uncovering hidden patterns + beliefs that block your king from actually just coming close to you

⇢  How to stop attracting men that are not good for you (be ready to go deep af on this!)

⇢ How the wounded feminine pushes high quality men away vs how the matured feminine is magnetic to the him

⇢ The wounded feminine dating + relationship archetypes that are repellent for good men 🥶


5 keys to be naturally magnetic to the healthy masculine


⇢ What your dating profile tells about you + my other top dating tips

My actual step-by-step guide on how to leave the old behind and call in your king


& your questions answered in an intimate Q&A with Stephanie

CHF 77.- for the first five women, then CHF 111.-

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